About the Business School

A place for the creators and leaders of tomorrow

We develop, empower and support the global thinkers, and leaders of tomorrow. We nurture our community to envision their creative future - to explore, to build, to grow. We are not just a school; we are a ‘community’.

Meet our community of thinkers, educators and innovators. Our team members span a variety of creative industry sectors; each using their own wealth of professional experience and academic rigor to support your studies and educational experience.

Our mission

We challenge traditional ways of thinking, exploring and building. Across all courses, our community are constantly engaging with new and contemporary landscapes. We believe that our students have the vision and creative talent to lead the next generation of thinkers and leaders. It is our job to assist you facilitate, to nurture, to challenge and to support you in your drive for a better future.

Our values

At the Business School, we task our community to think differently. Our values are centered around you as the learner; encouraging you to tap into your creative industry potential and apply to your vision and the contemporary environment.

  • Empowerment:

    Every member of our community has a distinct voice. We believe that challenging members to determine the future will express the distinction and encourage the innovation that brings the Business School and its members to the forefront of the Creative Industries.

  • Opportunity:

    The opportunity provided at the Business School stretches far beyond our four walls. We provide our community with the skills, tools and resources needed to achieve their creative goals. Our range of industries means that our community have the freedom to explore wherever their creative pathway takes them.

  • Employability:

    Engaging teaching & learning, industry experience & insight, building of transferable skills and the opportunity to network with potential employers, means our community are more than equipped with the opportunities to excel within the Creative Industry.

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