Research ethics
& integrity

At UCA, we know how important it is that research is conducted ethically and to the highest standards of rigour and integrity That's why we are committed to supporting good practice in all our research and scholarly activity.

This page contains more information about our five commitments to supporting research integrity, how we put these into practice. You'll also find links to our research ethics and useful links.

Our five commitments to supporting research integrity

To support the highest standards of integrity in our research, we have made five commitments to:

  1. Maintain the highest standards of rigour and integrity in all aspects of research.
  2. Ensure that all our research is conducted according to appropriate ethical, legal and professional frameworks, obligations and standards.
  3. Support a research environment that has a culture of integrity and is based on good governance, best practice and support for the development of researchers.
  4. Use transparent, robust and fair processes to deal with allegations of research misconduct if they arise.
  5. Work together to strengthen the integrity of research, reviewing progress openly and at regular intervals.

Research ethics

We provide expert advice on research ethics for students and staff. If you are a UCA researcher, you can find comprehensive guidance on whether your research will require ethical approval and more on the MyUCA Research Ethics Page.

Our guidance and policies 

UCA documents on governance and ethics:

Contact us

If you have any questions about our governance and ethics within our research, please contact Dr Victoria Kelley at

If you would like to speak to someone about our Code of Practice for the Investigation of Research Misconduct, please contact Sam Weir at