UCA’s Early Career Researcher (ECR) Network is an inclusive and supportive forum where ECRs can connect, collaborate, and share knowledge.

The Early Career Researcher Network is an informal group set up as part of UCA’s commitment to the Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers.

Membership is voluntary and includes all academic staff of the University who are within 8 years of their PhD award or 6 years of their first academic contract, not including any time taken out for family care, health or covid related reasons.

We hold three meetings of the ECR Network across the academic year, as well as monthly virtual Coffee Mornings for more informal discussions.

Members of the ECR Network select a Convenor from among their number to serve for a two-year term. The current Convenor is Dr Sarah Scarsbrook.

Early Career Researcher
Away Day

UCA's Early Career Researchers held their inaugural Away Day in London on 2 February.

Guest speaker Professor Dave O’Brien (University of Manchester) kicked off the morning at Senate House in Bloomsbury, with a stimulating talk with examples from his ground-breaking work on how research fits within a strategy (government/funding), wider contexts, and gaps in knowledge as well as the processes involved in between policy and research, and a range of funding opportunities. 

After this, the Early Career Researchers  had the opportunity to pose a range of questions to a panel made of UCA Professors and Readers on topics including how to carve out time for research, biggest research successes and failures, and how to form successful collaborations. 

Lastly, there was a lively immersive workshop delivered by Vitae on Engagement and Impact in Research.

The event was made possible by funding from the Research Office, and many thanks go to the organising team:  Dr Rachael Johnson, Dr Caroline Molloy, Dr Loucia Manopoulou, Dr James Armstrong, and ECR Network Representative Dr Sarah Scarsbrook.

To join the ECR Network, please contact Rachael Johnson.

Early Career Researcher Away Day Early Career Researcher Away Day Early Career Researcher Away Day Early Career Researcher Away Day

Contact us

If you would like to join the network, or for more information, please contact rachael.johnson@uca.ac.uk.