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We can’t wait to meet you in person. Until then, you can take a look around our campuses and facilities, or book a place on one of our live virtual open events on our Virtual Open Day site.

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Each year, we’re privileged to be able to share our graduates’ incredible work with the world. And now’s your chance to take a look. Here’s a preview of how the Class of 2021 has used their creativity to make a difference. Visit for more.


How could Interior Design tackle food poverty? Explore Rachel Carabine-Clarke’s ‘Conquest House’ project to find out.


Could better classroom furniture help support primary school children with autism? Nathan Spiers’ auditory moderation chair is designed to do just that.


What’s it like to live with an inner ear disorder? Emily Larkin’s animated short ‘Spinning into Silence’ raises awareness of the condition.



How can we create better living conditions for refugees? Muhannad Darwish proposes an innovative design for prefab shelters.


Can fashion leave the gender binary behind? Millie Whitehead’s striking garments challenge the industry to think beyond men’s and women’s wear.


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They made it, and they made it here. We couldn’t be prouder of our students, and we’re excited to share their work.

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