Are you an employer seeking bright new talent to join your team for a fixed term, permanent role, or internship? Our crop of bright young creatives could be a perfect fit.

At UCA we encourage our students to undertake work placements during their studies and help to facilitate this – and this is where you come in!

Work with us to provide placements for current students, or if you’re looking for a graduate to join your team, you can advertise jobs and placement opportunities free of charge with us.


Advertising jobs and placements

We are happy to work with employers, charitable organisations and graduate start-ups to promote opportunities that support the employability of UCA students and recent graduates.

Connect with highly skilled, talented, and creative UCA students. Create your Company Profile free of charge by visiting our job vacancies site.

Please note we reserve the right not to advertise vacancies which may be deemed to be unsuitable. Please see our Careers & Professional Practice Statement of Service – Employers and for more information on this, or any other aspect of our services to employers, please contact us:

For more information:

What can we advertise?

We can advertise vacancies and work experience opportunities for students and graduates. These can be full or part time, freelance, placements or volunteering opportunities.

We do not advertise any vacancies that, to our knowledge:

  • Do not comply with the National Minimum Wage legislation or any other aspect of employment law. We therefore do not advertise any unpaid placements/internships/work experience opportunities, unless covered by a specific exemption to the legislation, for example, work for a registered charity or part of a higher or further education course.
  • Discriminate on the basis of race, gender, disability, religion, age, sexual preference, or other protected characteristics unless there is a genuine occupational requirement, covered by the relevant legislation, which permits exemption from this legislation OR the vacancy aims to provide people from a particular group (or groups) the opportunity to compete for work in areas in which they have been under-represented or absent and this aim is sanctioned under relevant legislation.
  • Have a reward structure which is entirely or principally commission-based; or which involve unreasonable financial investment by the applicant.

For more information:

In both the above cases, employers must quote the relevant section of the applicable Act when submitting the vacancy.

In addition, we do not provide recruitment services involving pre-selecting or matching candidates for the job vacancies we advertise on our vacancy platform on behalf of employers.

Disclaimer – Recruitment Agencies/Job Boards

UCA Careers & Employability:

  • Provides the listing of opportunities, employment agencies and job boards in good faith.
  • Will update listings of employment agencies and job boards from time to time.
  • Does not knowingly list any agency or job board that is known to contravene equal opportunities legislation.
  • Advises all students and graduates to check whether an agency subscribes to a code of practice, such as that provided by the Recruitment & Employment Confederation.

Post a job

To advertise a job you need to create a Company Profile free of charge by visiting our job vacancies site.

Collaborative projects

We host a programme of taught sessions in the academic timetable to support student career development and work readiness. Employers can often contribute.

Careers and employability events

Employers can get to meet students and graduates through our programme of events. This includes workshops, presentations and stands at fairs and employer events.

Feedback from employers

Are we doing things well or can we improve what we do? Let us know how you would like to work with us.

UCA students have the option to enrol on courses that include a Professional Practice Year, or PPY for short. PPYs take place after enrolled students pass the second year of their undergraduate course and offer students a chance to immerse themselves in industry for a year, to contextualise their learning, develop their professional acumen and get their foot in the door of their chosen sector.

Lasting for a minimum of 32 weeks, working no fewer than 30 hours per week, placements are a formal and assessed element of our courses. As such, students have set learning objectives and their progress is tracked and assessed. We believe that our students make a genuine contribution to businesses during their placement years and so, we aim to secure paid placements for them. However, we recognise that the circumstances of our Placement Providers may vary. Above all, we are committed to ensuring the learning outcomes of our students’ placements are robust.

If you are would like to find out more about working with us to provide a Professional Practice Year placement email

Students who are studying a three year undergraduate course have the opportunity to embark on short placements, they gain first-hand industry experience and develop their professional network whilst businesses have the chance to work with up and coming creatives. Short placements are available to students across all of our undergraduate courses, to find out more about how you can host a placement email