Please check back soon for information on our 2024 International Summer School.

Our International Summer School for over 18's provides participants with the opportunity to study in the UK for up to three weeks in their chosen programme:

  • Fashion
  • Advertising and Graphic Communication
  • Animation, Gaming and Illustration

UCA’s International Summer School brings together talented students from across the globe for creative discovery. On all our programmes you’ll study with some of the UK’s leading creative academics, practicing artists and technical experts.

You will develop your creative skills, enhance your personal portfolio, and gain an understanding of the creative industries and the educational opportunities open to you in the UK.

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When is it?

Dates for our 2024 International Summer School will be released next year.

How much does it cost?

Details of the cost of our 2024 International summer School will be released next year.

These costs include your accommodation, your academic programme and relevant materials, as well as travel to your weekly excursions. There will be optional extras available to you on the excursions which we will contact you about nearer your arrival – you do not have to purchase these. Please note that your accommodation will be self catered.

Once you have applied, we will contact you with the link to our online payment system so that you can confirm your place. 

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How do I apply?

Please note the applications for UCA's International Summer School have now closed for 2022. Application details for our 2024 International Summer School will be next year.

If you have any questions relating to the International Summer School, please contact us


If you are planning a career in Fashion, or just looking to increase your skills and knowledge to create and modify your own wardrobe, then our Fashion pathway is for you!  Whether you already have some prior knowledge or are looking to learn the basics, during this programme you will be able to work to create a truly unique design of your own. 

This pathway will be fast-paced, and you will be encouraged to work and think outside of your comfort zone from day 1 to build on your creative confidence.  You will produce large scale experimental drawings incorporating unconventional materials. These images will progress into an illustrated selection of fashion garments with which you will identify and develop your chosen theme and create the designs ready to be used in your silk screen workshop.   

As well as developing your ideas and designs, over the first 2 weeks you will take part in a series of workshops including heat press, screen printing and fashion illustration and collage, where you will design a line-up.  The end of the second week will culminate in screen printing your designs including the theme of reconstruction deconstructionthis is an opportunity for everyone attending the 2-week programme to showcase what they have learned and to really enhance their personal portfolio. 

For students who progress to complete the full 3-week programme, the final week will be spent taking all of the new skills and knowledge you have gained over the previous 2 weeks to upcycle a second hand garment.  UCA will supply a range of garments from Hugo Boss, but if nothing there inspires you, you can also find something from a local charity shop or if you wish, you can also bring something of your own from home – the choice is yours!   

Incorporating all of the different techniques and drawings that you have created so far and, with your new approach of thinking outside the box, you will be given the creative freedom and encouragement to conduct your own self-directed practice to create your final piece.  Whether you want to embellish a garment that already exists, combine more than one garment together to create a brand new piece, or create a series of samples that could be used later to inspire a brand new piece of your own you will have the opportunity to look at innovative ways to be more resourceful within the fashion and textile industry and look at how we can use waste to create sustainable materials for design. 

The programme will conclude with an exhibition of Summer School participants work which will be open to all staff and students on campus and will end with a small graduation ceremony to recognise your achievements! 


*Pathway details may be subject to some changes as planning is finalised. 

Aimed at students who are just starting out in their Advertising or Graphic Communication career, or anyone with a developed interest in these areas, our Advertising and Graphic Communication pathway gives you the opportunity to establish your own personal style and learn how to reflect it within your work. 

You will gain insight into managing briefs, design principles and effectively developing an outcome. Through various exercises and studio tutorials, you will deconstruct the given project brief, create mind maps and carry the project to the final outcome. 

Through specialised workshops, you will experience traditional and digital approaches to design.   Digital workshops will be held to develop your Adobe software skills, focusing on InDesign and Illustrator, as well as traditional print workshops including screen printing and letter press in UCA's state of the art facilities. 

After choosing an object to advertise representing sustainability, functionality or technology, to name a few, each week you will build on the previous weeks’ research and idea development to enhance your design including considering how composition, different software capabilities, message, tone, use of colours, scale and treatment of images will impact the purpose of your design and the effect it will have on the intended audience.  You will receive full support from our academic and technical staff, who will provide guidance and advice whilst giving you the creative freedom to explore and develop your own ideas. 

By the end of the second week you will have created the first draft of your final poster which 2-week attendees will be able to take away with them along with a supporting body of work to add to and enhance their personal portfolio 

Students who attend the full 3-week programme will be able to develop the ideas from their first draft further, to achieve a final project outcome.  Listening to feedback from your fellow students and staff you will be able to review and amend any areas that you identify need further consideration to create a final piece you are truly happy with. 

The programme will conclude with an exhibition of Summer School participants work which will be open to all staff and students on campus and will end with a small graduation ceremony to recognise your achievements! 


*Pathway details may be subject to some changes as planning is finalised.

Enter the world of narrative story telling in our Animation, Gaming and Illustration pathway!  Over the course of the programme through group activity and individual work, you will expand your knowledge and understanding of what it takes to make a story truly unique, attractive and fascinating.   

You will learn through both high-tempo studio-based projects and technical skills-based workshops, led by specialist technicians.  

In your studio-based experimental workshops, you will be led by a tutor who will introduce you to the many varieties of how to create a story, be it through image, motion, or a games narrative.  Through a series of imaginative workshops you will be able to develop your skills in not only storyboarding, 3D sculpture, game concept design, bookmaking, sequential illustration, stop motion animation and printmaking  but also experiment in how to use your own unique, creative voice to present a story. 

You will have access to UCA’s exceptional facilities including the print making room, where you will learn screen printing and lino printing, in addition to the digital Mac suites where you will learn how to use Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.  These workshops not only allow you to create intriguing outcomes but will also enable you to generate further ideas on how you can communicate a narrative. 

Students progressing into the 3rd week will use what they learn across weeks 1 and 2 and consider a digital approach within their final narrative.  The narrative can be presented as game concept art, an illustrated book, or an animation including model and set making.  Once you have chosen your direction, you will then spend the remainder of the week under academic and technician support to work towards your final piece. 

The programme will conclude with an exhibition of Summer School participants work which will be open to all staff and students on campus and will end with a small graduation ceremony to recognise your achievements! 

Whether you are planning to study Animation, Illustration or Gaming at Undergraduate level, or have a developed interest and considering your options for the future, this pathway will allow you to hone your skills and take a look inside all three course areas. 


*Pathway details may be subject to some changes as planning is finalised.

As well as the wealth of knowledge that you will gain through your academic programme, UCA knows that it is of interest to be able to experience and enjoy some of the main features of living in the South of England. Therefore, an excursion will be included as part of your studies each week, with destinations including London, Brighton and Oxford.

Big Ben

London - The dynamic Capital of England. There is so much to see and do, from visiting museums and art galleries or taking in a West End Show to endless shopping and restaurants. You will be spoilt for choice! You may even want to pop back at the weekends...


Brighton - A vibrant coastal city bringing together the traditional English seaside with a modern quirky twist! You will be able to eat traditional English fish and chips on the pebble beach, and ice-cream on the pier and have plenty of free time to enjoy exploring The Lanes shopping for some alternative souvenirs to take home!


Oxford - Is famous for it's world renowned University however it is also a beautiful city where you will have the chance to experience some quintessential English Summer past times, such as punting on the river and a fun take on afternoon tea. You can also see the inspiration behind Hogwarts from Harry Potter by taking part in a walking tour of Oxford University.

Remember, you will have the weekends free to explore. We can provide you with information about other days out and offer advice on how to get there. UCA staff will be on hand to help you in planning your adventures.

Summer School

We are pleased to welcome any student aged 18 years or over to our International Summer School. You will need to have a basic knowledge of your chosen academic programme, for example considering, or having just started, an undergraduate programme in a relevant field.

All UCA courses are delivered in English, therefore to ensure you are able to get the most out of your academic experience and your time in the UK, we do require you to have a minimum of 5.5 overall IELTS score (or equivalent).

Before leaving home, it is your responsibility to research and implement your own visa requirements, make sure you are fully aware of the process involved and have the visa in place ready for your departure date.

Flights and Travel
The cost of the International Summer School does not include flights. You are responsible for booking your own flights to and from the UK as well as airport transfer to and from your accommodation. Information on local taxi providers can be found on our welcoming you to the UK page

If you have any questions, please contact us on 

UCA will be able to support you in many aspects whilst you are in the UK, including providing information about local events/ activities for you to enjoy in your free time, local international food shops and emergency phone service from landing in the UK. The campus refectory will also be available for easy lunch purchases. Free wifi is available on campus.

The weather in the UK is known to be changeable, so it is advisable to prepare for a variety of weather types. July is Summer in the UK with temperatures reaching up to 21 degrees Celsius (70 degrees Fahrenheit) degrees, but rain can still be expected. Below are some advisable items to bring with you:

  • Comfortable shoes to walk in.
  • Clothing: casual t-shirts, shorts, trousers, hoodies for the evening. It is a good idea to bring clothing you can wear in layers so you can change according to weather.
  • A lightweight jacket (preferably waterproof).
  • Backpack for excursions.
  • Travel adaptor (The UK uses three pronged plugs of 230 volts)
  • Re-useable water bottle
  • Personal toiletries
  • Cash for arrival / spending money
  • Personal electronics

All essential items are readily available in the UK. Do be aware standard shopping times within the UK are between 9am - 5pm (supermarkets generally have longer opening hours).

Do note, anything required specifically for your academic programme will be listed in the Academic Programme details pages at a later date.

You will be staying in our new, state of the art accommodation based on our Farnham campus with easy access to the town centre. In this self catered accommodation, each room has its own private bathroom with shower with a shared common area for socialising.

UCA will supply basic kitchen goods for student use throughout the duration of International Summer School.


Bedding will be supplied in the accommodation including; light-weight duvet, pillow, duvet-cover, pillowcase, fitted sheet and towel.