Sohanur ready to take on
the world after Global MBM

The UK’s rich culture is a big factor for international students coming here to study – not just the university or the course. We’ve been chatting with five of our own international students and graduates to find out what it’s like to be a student in the UK when you’re from another country.

04 Oct 2022

In the latest in our series, we asked Global Master of Business and Management graduate Sohanur Rahman Sohan, pictured above, to write about his experience, after choosing the UK to study over his home country of Bangladesh. Before undertaking his Global MBM, he also completed a Graduate Diploma in Creative Business and Management at our Farnham campus.

“The main reason I wanted to study abroad was always the phenomenal level of education. When it comes to choosing a destination for higher study, the UK was very convenient! Universities in the UK provide the opportunity to learn from the very best.

“I picked UCA, because in my view it is one of the most prestigious universities and one of the best specialist universities too.

“The UK has a distinct charm that I admire. It’s such a peaceful, diverse country with people from almost all other countries living here. I do miss my home country and my family sometimes though.

“There were many reasons why I chose my course at UCA, but one of the main reasons was the course modules. Furthermore, a Master's degree in management provides several advantages. My course, the Global MBM is becoming increasingly popular across the world. The MBM course is structured on management theory, organisational behaviour, and other areas of business. And I’ve learned how to confidently use the likes of Adobe InDesign and Illustrator.

“Overall, this course is a great basis for a successful career – personally, I would like to be a marketing manager, collaborating with colleagues and creating business strategies.

“I would say to anyone thinking of coming to the UK to study at UCA – you’ll do great here! If you’re an ambitious learner and you adore creative industries, then this is the perfect place to study.”

If you're interested in studying at UCA as an international student, visit our dedicated page to find out more.