Dr Jennie Jewitt-Harris

Student Researcher, UCA Farnham

Research Student, School of Fine Art | Photography and Visual Communication

Research Project Title
Anything But the Eyes: What are the factors that influence the special relationship that we have with our eyes?

Research Project Summary
In this practice-led research, interviews are carried out with a group of adults who have specifically refused to donate their corneas after their own death, yet would be happy to donate other organs.

The artworks explore the findings using the metaphors and belief patterns than are expressed by the interviewees, eliciting these through the use of Clean Language and Belief Template techniques.

The interviews are filmed with the specific intention not only of recording them for transcription, but also of noting the physical gestures made by the participants while describing their experiences. Artworks explore the relationship that interviewees have with their eyes, that may offer insight into the common reluctance to donate them after death, associated with a common difficulty in explaining the reasons why.

Personal Profile
Dr Jennie Jewitt-Harris gained an MA in Fine Art from UCA in 2013. She is a medical doctor and psychologist and uses her experiences in both to inform her multi-media exploration of our relationship with our own bodies, using a variety of media including drawing, collage and stereoscopic photography.

She was selected to be Artist in Residence at Watts Gallery 2014-15, culminating in a solo exhibition which marked the initial stages in her research exploration into the human relationship with eyes.

Jennie’s ongoing medical career in transplantation continues to inform her work, investigating the reasons behind the common reluctance to donate corneas after death, and how the metaphors used to describe this can be expressed visually.

Her work has been selected for Graduate Highlights at the Lightbox Gallery, Woking; The New Contemporaries, Basingstoke; The Cultural Olympiad exhibition associated with the 2012 Olympic Games; and she was a finalist in the Guardian Photography Awards as well as winner of the BMJ Photography Award. Her work was represented by GBS Fine Art at the London Art Fair in 2016.

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