Dr Sara Andersdotter

Senior Lecturer in Visual Communications

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Dr Sara Andersdotter

Dr Sara Andersdotter is an academic, artist and researcher teaching as a Senior Lecturer on the Visual Communications Programme.

Dr Sara Andersdotter


Dr Sara Andersdotter is an academic, artist and researcher teaching as a Senior Lecturer on the Visual Communications Programme. She has worked in Higher Education since 2005, and has taught and led practical, theoretical and research modules across both undergraduate and postgraduate courses at different institutions in the UK. She takes an inclusive and collaborative approach to teaching and learning, and has worked on several projects where students have been invited to become active participants and collaborators, including curriculum design, and a non-hierarchical journal of research.

With an undergraduate and a postgraduate degree in Fine Art, Sara completed a PhD in Fine Art at the University of the Arts London in 2015. Her thesis challenges existing metaphors of memory, while putting forward an alternative framework for exploring the experience of memory in art practice. This framework draws heavily on Deleuzoguattarian and Bergsonian theories, and is explored and tested through her installation art practice.

As a practicing artist, Sara has exhibited nationally and internationally since 1999. Her art practice is primarily image and installation based, using a range of different media, from photography and projections of still and moving images, to growing matter, bait camera footage, smell, heat, and the use of text-to-speech software.

Research statement

Dr Sara Andersdotter is a researcher, artist and academic with research interests and expertise in photographic practice and theory, fine art, memory, and philosophy.

Her research centres on photography, the experience of memory, the fleeting and the undocumented, minoritarian / fringe groups, voice as material, non-human photography, and philosophy - primarily Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari, and their concepts of multiplicities, becomings, and minor/major thought.

  • Subject organisations (such as the Society of Art Historians)
  • Experimental Pedagogies Research Group, University of the Arts London.
  • External examination (taught and research degree)
  • Chief Examiner, 2018 – currently. Manchester Fashion Institute, Manchester Metropolitan University
  • External Examiner, 2018 – currently. Pre-Masters in Art & Design, The University of Hertfordshire
  • External Examiner, 2017-2019. BA (Hons) Fine Art, University Institute Grimsby (Teesside University)