Creative Careers

There are lots of misconceptions around what a Creative Career is, what the gains are and how to start your creative journey ...

Do you remember when someone inspired you to make your creative dreams a reality? There is lots of information and advice out there, but choosing the right path can be bewildering. We are here to help. By building a knowledge hub where you can download information about Creative Careers, pathway options, fairs and events we hope to build a community where people aren’t afraid to ask questions. We want to encourage three dimensional young thinkers for the next generation. We want to see students reach their potential, flourish, bloom ... Thrive!

So, let's start by dispelling some of those myths...

A creative career is one which incorporates a form of creativity and innovation. They can be rewarding, diverse and cover a whole range of industries ...

  • Advertising and marketing
  • Architecture
  • Crafts
  • Design: Product, graphic and fashion design
  • Film, TV, video, radio and photography
  • IT, software and computer services
  • Museums, galleries and libraries
  • Music, performing and visual arts
  • Publishing.

These are just a few of the options available to creative minds in the UK. The creative journey can start right at the beginning of your education.

Let's encourage and inspire the next generation, after all Government stats show that Creative Careers are a significant part of the UK economy, employing hundreds of thousands of people in high value jobs. Creative skills are fundamental in supporting our economy and are an essential aspect in many different sectors creating leaders and innovators. Surely it makes sense to encourage creative minds.

What is a Creative Career

As well as being rewarding there is great economic value in creatively focused careers. Creative occupations play an important role in the UK, socially, culturally and also economically.

The UK creative industries play a major role on the world stage paving the way for future innovation. Creative industries contribute £84.1 billion to the UK economy while the wider creative economy contributes £133.3 billion and represents roughly 8.2% of the UK economy as a whole.


How to map your Creative Journey

To make your impact, there are a variety of paths you can choose. It's about developing your creative skills, building your portfolio and exploring different paths. A snapshot of these paths can be found opposite…

The beginning of the journey is always the hardest part, but as you spend more time researching potential options, you’ll get a better idea of what route suits you best. Sometimes identifying a general area is a good enough starting point to decide whether you want to go down a creative path.

To find out more about the options available to you visit us on an Open Day or contact us.

Your next steps to a Creative Career

Discuss your options

Discuss your options with career advisors, teachers, parents and carers, but remember that ultimately it's your decision. Think of it as being a creative journey. Be open to suggestions, ask questions and research your options.

Remember, it's your life so identify your likes, interest and skills and explore various career options that would fit these attributes.

Think about skill development and the qualifications that would help you on your personal creative career path.

Talk through what further education paths, work experience or apprenticeships are available to you with your careers advisor. Be proactive by following up on advice and arrange regular catch-ups and meetings with your careers advisor.

  • Get inspiration from other people's creative journey
  • Look into university and college open days
  • Apply for short courses and taster days
  • Build a portfolio of work
  • Start developing a personal statement
  • Research further education options
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions.


Find out more about portfolios

Coming soon!

Download your Creative Careers advice pack here!

Our Creative Careers downloads will contain a variety of information and supporting materials for careers advisors, parents/ carers and students to help guide you on your creative journey. 

This will give you access to a varierty of supporting materials which will be updated on a regular basis. If you would like further information please feel free to contact as at


Careers Advisors

Our outreach team is bringing awareness about the creative careers and the opportunities available to students on a national level. Many are unaware of the choices available to them and the paths that can lead to a diverse, rewarding and fulfilling future in a creative career. We want to join careers advisors to inspire a new generation. We want to see students fulfilling their potential and reaching their goals. Many want to follow a creative path and we would like to help them achieve this, by providing them with the knowledge to follow their aspirations.


We offer a number of opportunities for students to explore the creative arts. Through events and workshops students can gain the confidence and capacity to express their design ideas and to enhance their visual literacy.

Visiting us an Open Day will give you the opportunity to explore our facilities, tour the campus, see our accommodation and meet our staff and students. This will give you a real insight into university life. Check out our website for further information, dates and booking instructions.

Parents / Carers

People with at least a degree or equivalent filled more than half of all jobs in the Creative sector, so although university isn’t the only path it could give you that step ahead.

Open Days also play an important role in helping you decide what creative path is best for you. We offer open days across our four main campuses throughout the year.

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