Christine Day

Student Researcher, UCA Farnham

Research Student, School of Crafts and Design

Research Project Title
Cloth and the Body: a spatio-temporal interpretation of landscape

Research Project Summary
This practice based research is an investigation into the use of the body as a transformative medium for the spatio-temporal interpretation of landscape in cloth, informed by a developing experiential drawing practice.

Christine’s clinical background offers a unique perspective through which to consider the materialisation of space and time. In fusing her clinical professional knowledge and skills with her creative practice, this research will explore ontology of space and time with reference to Mikhail Bakhtin’s concepts of chronotope and unfinalisability and the Japanese aesthetic of Ma.

Personal Profile
After a long career as a Respiratory Therapist, Christine studied Textiles at Winchester, and Costume Design at Wimbledon, before completing MA Textiles at UCA in 2015.

Professor Lesley Millar

Professor Simon Olding
Professor Andrew Kötting