Sue Sicheri

Creative IT Technician, UCA Epsom

Technical Staff,

Sue joined UCA Epsom in 2009 as an IT Technician, a role that has since developed into Creative IT Technician. Prior to that she had worked in IT roles at Kingston University and Barnet College, as well as working as a freelance modelmaker and designer. During her time as a modelmaker Sue worked with Robert Farrow Associates, as well as Legoland Windsor. She also made prototypes for McDonald’s Happy Meal toys and Disney. She has two degrees, one in politics and one in computer science, and she’s also a graduate of UCA, having studied design and modelmaking in Rochester (back when it was KIAD).

One of the most fulfilling aspects of Sue’s role is running workshops for students, helping them to expand their digital capabilities and use technology in creative ways. Whether it is equipping them with the practical knowledge that they need, or inspiring them to think of new ways to promote their work, Sue has the tools and the commitment to help the students of UCA achieve their full potential.

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Professional Membership, Affiliation and Consultancy

Professional Membership, Affiliation and Consultancy:

  • Associate Fellow of the HEA
  • MBCS