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The Weirdest Beauty Products I've Seen in Japan

In the month and a half or so that I’ve been here, I’ve seen my fair share of strange and different things. Japan is famous for many strange and wonderful things, but is without a doubt world renowned for their beauty products. I thought I’d share a few of the strangest ones I’ve seen so far with you guys.

Aoife Casson - Beauty in Japan Blog

1. Toe Cleaning Brush

Ok is it just me, or do you not really feel that the spaces between your toes need extra cleaning focus? Even if they did, surely some soapy water and maybe a flannel would do? Well apparently not. They clearly need the deep exfoliation that would no doubt come from using what looks like something you’d use to clean a wind instrument.

2. Horse Based Products

This one actually really surprised me. Obviously I know about how we used horse in the manufacture of glue, but not in my lifetime, so I thought it was really odd that it would be used in a beauty product. Well, I mean, that ANY animal product would be used seems like a bit of a dated concept to me, but I must admit, I am really curious about if it is actually more effective than non-animal based cosmetics.

Aoife - Beauty Product Blog

3. Dehydrated Face Masks

When I first saw this one I thought is seemed a bit pointless, but actually, it’s a really good idea. What you do is you soak it in your own facial serum and it expands into a standard sheet mask. I imagine this would be really useful if you have really sensitive skin because you can use a product that’s kind on your skin whilst looking mildly scary like the rest of your friends! I’d be lying if I said that these didn’t remind me of those expandable flannels that were all the rage when I was little though.

Aoife - Beauty Product Blog

4. Face Rollers

This is actually very reminiscent of the kind of thing available in England during the 30’s (though that was marketed as a fitness product). I think that the idea is that it stimulates blood flow to the muscles in your face, helping to keep your face looking young and perky (goals amirite?) with the added side effect of giving you flushed cheeks, and if that doesn’t scream ‘young person’ then I don’t know what does.

5. Cellulite Massage Brush

I’m sure we have similar things in England, not that I’ve seen them, but I was honestly most shocked by the illustrations on the box. For starters, if you’re going to show instructional diagrams on the back of the box, at least show the ACTUAL BRUSH and maybe not just a naked bum with swirly marks that really look like wind. This is made worse by the fact that the girl on the front in the dangerously short skirt looks like she’s just let rip and immediately regretted it. Either way, I’m not going to risk it.