Top tips for
coping with stress

It's that time of year, but here's how to keep your cool as deadlines and assessments loom.

04 Mar 2024

Exams, coursework deadlines, practical assessments. It doesn't matter who you are - everyone feels the pressure at this time of year. But we're right behind you, and we really want you to achieve the results you're aiming for!

Meanwhile, nothing is more important than your health and wellbeing. So we're here to make sure you have everything you need to maintain a healthy and balanced state of mind at the same time as excelling academically.

Let's dive into some mental health support tips to help you conquer this challenging time with confidence.

Dance breaks, anyone?
Studying hard is important, but taking regular breaks is just as vital. Instead of mindlessly scrolling through social media, try moving your body to get those endorphins flowing. Put on your favourite upbeat tunes, get your body moving, and recharge your mind. 

Snack attack for mental fuel
It's no secret that your brain can't run on empty! Make snacking easy and nourishing by preparing a stash of brain-boosting goodies like blueberries, nuts, and even dark chocolate. Indulging in snacks will satisfies your cravings and keep you focused and energised during study sessions.

Power up with positivity
We know how demanding exams and practical assessments can be, but maintaining a positive mindset can make a world of difference. Surround yourself with positive affirmations using sticky notes with motivational quotes and phrases - just stick them around your study space. You can also make time to catch up with the people in your life who bring positive energy and lift your mood.

Join a support squad with Togetherall
Sometimes, studying can feel isolating, but Togetherall is here to change that. This digital platform provides safe and anonymous online peer support, 24/7. Connect with other people facing similar challenges and share your experiences. Join encouraging discussions and uplift one another, and you'll soon feel part of a fantastic community.

Celebrate the small wins
Remember to celebrate your victories along the way, no matter how small they seem. Did your last rehearsal go well? Found the creative spark to finish a challenging project? Treat yourself to a mini celebration! It can be as simple as taking a break to watch an episode of your favourite Netflix show. Recognise your achievements: they pave the way for even greater success.

Find mental health resources at your fingertips
UCA offers a whole host of mental health resources to make sure you're never without support. Download the myWellbeing app (iOS App or Google Play) to explore a variety of tools and resources designed to support positive mental health.

Additionally, Spectrum.Life offers a confidential 24/7 support service exclusively for UCA students. Reach out to them directly through their helpline or online registration for in-the-moment assistance. You are never alone – help is just a click or call away.

Telephone: +44 (0)800 031 8227
WhatsApp: Text 'Hi' to +44 (0)7418 360 780

We believe in your ability to conquer your exams, deadlines and practical assessments. Take care of yourself, prioritise self-care, and reach out for support when needed. Good luck with your exams, coursework and practical assessments. You've got this!

Remember, you’re never alone.