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What Street Style taught me

Despite most of my work and time being spent perusing the internet, my main source of inspiration is fused from the streets themselves (try Brick Lane on a summer’s day and you’ll understand just where I’m coming from.) You get to see real people- untouched and unrefined- wearing what they love for themselves. Real clothes that are worn by people embracing daily life will never fail to act as an encourager for my own wardrobe choices.


Looking back over Graduate Fashion Week- and gradually planning for September’s London Fashion Week- street style lies at the very core of these fashion events. People, unashamedly plan weeks in advance for a look they hope will be noticed by photographers and editors roaming the streets of London. They choose their best pieces they think epitomise their style, hoping to inspire others and catch the lens of passing photographers. 

Graduate Fashion Week Street Style

Graduate Fashion Week was a celebration of emerging talent. It turned its focus to celebrating young artists- and so, the streets were full of young creatives wearing what they love. As the images still circulate social media sites, get an insight into what caught my eye and what remains at the forefront of my street style inspiration. 


UCA students

With so much diversity exposed at GFW, it’s almost impossible to choose one winning look that I wish I could have one. Looking back over the images, I feel inspired by a pair of oversized tortoiseshell glasses, high-waisted denims and a beige coat effortless worn by a girl at GFW. When it comes to street style, denim jeans never seem to fail. What I love about this girl’s pair is their quiet flair- which she’s worn with black leather boots- and a high-neck sweater. Breaking the boundaries from the mundane skinny pant, a flare is an evident style to opt for when roaming the fashion-filled streets.

People who aren’t ashamed to wear what they love deepens my appreciation for the fashion industry. It becomes less about how much money you spend, or where you buy the clothes, and more about the style you harbour, and how you use your clothes to depict your own story. Who once wore your jeans, what memories they hold, or what the tales they carry - vintage, second-hand pieces are weighed in something deeper and far more meaningful than any shop-bought piece can ever offer.

Students favourite look

Students favourite look

There’s also this versatility about street style. The intertwining of new with old- fashion events excite wearers to embrace their newest garments, but to equally give their old precious pieces a loving embrace again. What caught my attention at GFW was the diversity of current trends interspersed with fewer vintage and more cherished pieces. They, unlike the shop-bought items, are lost in their own story. 

There seemed to be a great deal of layering (mainly the weather fused this clothing choice I’m sure), but denim and leopard print jackets were flung over the shoulders with ease and little construction. I’m sure many of my fashion friends can relate here; but fashion weeks are often the place bloggers unite having chosen to wear all their best clothes. At once. Over-the-top and probably most uncomfortable, it was refreshing to see GFW’s attendees stripped down to an outfit that defined their personality. There was no impressing or competition: graduate fashion week goers wore what they liked and loved it.  

Students favourite look

It would be unlike me if I didn’t notice the Alexander Wang bag that had snuck into this collection of images. A bag so simple, yet so recognisable in the realm of fashion, it’s the imperative to a successful street style look. The owner of this bag- who clasps it with such pride- has also inspired a hair cut I wish I was brave enough to emulate. Sharp, sleek, and fringe that I’d pay a lot of money for, there aren’t many who pull off street style with this much precision. 

As I learn more and more from the streets, I love getting lost in the beauty of street style images more than I do the images in a magazine. My advice to you would be to go and aimlessly wander the streets of a city on your next day off; you never know what passer by may inspire your own wardrobe.