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Macabre Delights: My first curated show

Clare Chapman artwork

Clare Chapman

This week my show Macabre Delights ended, we had one week at The Pie Factory in Margate.

Back in April as part of my Research 4 project, I booked the Pie Factory with a group show in mind, all based around different artists and their mediums. I knew exactly how I wanted it to look and how it would go ahead. However as I start to exhibit more I find these things rarely ever go to plan. The day everything is perfect will be the day I start to seriously worry!

Clare Chapman art

We had an amazing 258 people come to see our show during the week.  Plus I met some amazing local artists who had great comments and critiques on my work. Some told me of other opportunities. From Macabre Delights I’ve got three amazing opportunities already planned out for the start of 2016 that will help further my career. I am extremely excited! 2016 is panning out to be an amazing year!

Clare Chapman

At times coming up to Macabre Delights I wanted to pack it in, forget everything, but I’m pleased I continued and pushed through! If any of you ever put on a show; like you have to for Year 2 in Fine Art at UCA. Even when everything starts going wrong it will be worth it! The best part of Macabre Delights was the people I met, the characters who I have had the pleasure to talk to.

On the last day of Macabre Delights I hosted ‘Art Macabre Death Drawing Salons’ who created an amazing evening at The Pie Factory. A life drawing class based around Santa Muerta. The evening was enjoyable, informative and undoing the event Art Macabre I have been able to push my art studio practice, found an amazing model to work with and made two new friends!

Clare Chapman

The art world is intense and at times challenging but it is worth so much more to you as an artist to show your work and meet your audience. I recommend it more than anything! It challenges your perspective whether annoying or helpful, all critiques will help you to understand your artwork and how to discuss it in your artist statement.