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Five great places to eat in Farnham

While some may argue that Farnham doesn't have everything you could ask from a student town, one of the areas that it does come up trumps is its offerings in food. Of course it has the expected Domino's, Subway and Starbucks, however there's also an array of other eateries that offer not just great food, but great prices. In this article I'll be running through some of the best establishments Farnham has to offer, ones that won't be too much of a strain on our student salaries. 

Food - Joe Stevens

Cote (Lion & Lamb)
Cote is my personal favourite. While it may beam class and cost, Cote is surprisingly good value for money- if you catch it at the right time. While my go-to dish of Steak Frites (thinly cut rare steak with garlic butter and fries) will only set you back a tenner, it's the two courses for the same amount deal early every weekday, which is when the smart students should slide to Cote.

Joe Stevens

2. The Queen's Head (West Street)
I went to The Queen's Head on my first day in Farnham. Possessing a distinctive British-pub vibe and an unquestionable homely atmosphere, the food on offer was just that too. Opting for a towering Bacon & Chicken Club Sandwich, known as 'The Queen's Club', the crisp accompanying fries was merely the icing on the cake. Coupled with a drink all for under a tenner.

Joe Stevens

3. Marlborough Head (West Street)
The perfect hangover cure. With an air of Wetherspoons about it, The Marlborough Head is the ultimate destination for deals on 'can't-go-wrong' dishes. With an array of deals combining drinks with food, such as a burger and a pint for £7, The Marlborough Head also offers a cheaper 'under 500 calorie' menu, for those watching both types of pounds.

Joe Stevens

4. The Mulberry (Near Train Station)
Many of you may know The Mulberry for their famed student nights on a Wednesday, but believe me they're more than capable of slapping together a bang-tidy meal in place of a vodka and coke.  The Mulberry's plethora of themed burgers such as The Chief Wiggum (pulled pork) or The Uncle Sam (double beef) leave you with more than enough choice. And if you're feeling brave, you can enter the Man VS Mulberry Challenge featuring more food than you can handle, winner's receive bragging rights and a T-Shirt for their efforts. 

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5. Bill's (Castle Street)
If you're looking for ambience and an establishment with character and flare, then Bill's is the eatery for you. With splashes of bright colours, a homely welcoming atmosphere, and an extensively devised decor, Bill's possesses a aura that really can't be matched, with great food to compliment it. A meal for two (pasta and a burger dish) with all the trimmings and two drinks will only set you back £28, which is pretty good when you see the portion size.