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BVE Expo 2016 - The UK's essential broadcast and production technology event

Back in March, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to attend BVE 2016 - ‘the UK’s essential broadcast and production technology event’. BVE is located at Excel London and manages to consistently bring in over 15,000 visitors from over 60 countries. The main objective of the event is to combine ‘expert-led free seminars with an exhibition that features 300+ of the leading manufacturers, distributors and resellers of professional production, broadcast equipment and systems.’ At BVE, there is also over 150 hours of free seminars, workshops and advice led by experts from various productive industries.

At BVE 2016, there were an array of industry-standard products and services for broadcast professionals. Aerialworx was one of three products that appealed to me, the company specialise in aerial filming, offering a variety of drones equipped with the latest ultra-HD 4K cameras and live HD 1080p down links. Aerialworx had an array of big name clients including BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Sky. While Aerialworx create, design and manufacture their own branded drones, I found out that they also provide a plethora of further services than just the initial product. They can provide experienced, trained pilots to actually do the filming itself for clients, and they train clients to be competent with the controls of the drones. A further product to grab my attention was the curved OLED screen that spanned over ten feet long.

Joe Stevens 

Moving away from the just-shy-of-1000 products on show at BVE 2016, another key and maybe more important element to the event is the substantial amount of professionally-led seminars, talk, presentations, keynotes and demonstrations. I managed to attend a few including an enlightening talk about Apple’s Final Cut Pro X software. While the talk itself was a noticeable step up from the ways I’ve used the product in the past, it was still interesting to see to what extent professionals and the experts use this highly versatile piece of software. Adobe’s self-hosted demonstrations of their various products were also eye-opening experiences, particularly the talk on After Effects - one of a few pieces of the Adobe Creative Suite I am yet to use.

With my heightened interest in not just music, but the production side of it as well, I was also interested in the extensive array of products on the audio end of BVE. Calrec Audio Ltd is a Yorkshire-based company specialising in manufacturing high quality audio mixing consoles exclusively for live broadcast. As the representative made clear, the key elements to Calrec’s product line is the reliability, build quality and performance, making the company a internationally recognised benchmark in audio consoles.

BVE Expo 2016 was an eye-opening experience that showed me some great examples of industry-standard production equipment. It is a very applicable convention for students of the arts, and it is also invaluable to hear some expert advice on products that I can actually utilise myself, such as the Adobe Creative Suite, and Final Cut Pro etc.