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Autumn Almanac

The change in weather this time of year always brings the Goldsmiths Fair – an event for contemporary jewellery and silverware - which I have mentioned before (many times, like a broken record) and this year for the second year running I got to help man one of the stands. It’s a very long week with most days having evening events too, so for everyone exhibiting it can be exhausting and the silversmith I work for asked if I would like to cover her stand for a few hours for a couple of days. As I was only there for a short while it meant I was free to explore and make the most of my time in London. I sat in on a very interesting talk at Goldsmiths Fair with Clive Burr who is highly regarded in the silversmithing world, and John Andrew, who is not only a silver collector and curator but also the author of Designer British Silver.

Talking about jewellery

Clive Burr and John Andrew at Goldsmiths Fair

I bumped into some of the students who are now in their second year of Silversmithing, Goldsmithing and Jewellery. I have been talking to a few of my course mates since graduation and one thing we all agreed on is the amount of support you get/give each other while on the course is outstanding. You are surrounded by likeminded people going through exactly the same stresses and pressures as you, you don’t even need to reach out for help and encouragement as it’s there on tap day in day out. You all help each other out, it’s an unspoken agreement which seems to happen naturally. Although we have kept in touch it isn’t quite the same, we are all moving in different directions and although we know we are there for each other at the drop of a hat it’s in a long distance way. Current students – make the most of each other because in the blink of an eye you’ll all be at opposite ends of the country! Having said that I have had one course mate come to stay with me since graduating, and next month I’m off to meet up with another two, and I speak to them on an almost daily basis still so all is not lost. It’s just very different.

I also took the opportunity to visit the V and A, my favourite London museum, to check out the ‘Engineering the World: Ove Arup and the Philosophy of Total Design’ exhibition Ove Arup is the man behind many iconic buildings, not least the Sydney Opera House.

Exhibition information

Sydney Opera House

Photography exhibition information

Back in Norfolk we have the Castle Museum and its art galleries so last week I visited the 'Fishermen and Kings: The Photography of Olive Edis' exhibition there. I always enjoy visiting the castle not least because of their silver collection.

Photo of Sedley Taylor

Photo of Canon Baldwin

Some of the images were over 100 years old, yet were such a high quality it almost felt like they were real. Much better to look at than the deluge of selfies in today’s times. Photo of Miss Stabley

Photo of lady with a cat

Olive Edis – I have no idea where the cat stops and the coat starts.

Olive is special for two reasons – she was a local Norfolk girl, and she also pushed forward and excelled at photography in a time when it was unusual for women to do so. Proof that if we truly want to achieve something, we can. I’m off to get myself a coat to match my cat so I can recreate that photograph...