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7 shows to look forward to this Fashion Week

In just over 14 days, London will be put to a hold by a throng of fashion editors, journalists, bloggers, designers and models as it prepares for the AW16 collections to be unveiled, spread across a five day period. As a third-year Fashion Journalism student, I am all-consumed in my final major project and can't wait for Fashion Week's new collections to set the rhythm and tone of the fashion in my magazine. Here, I have compiled seven shows you don't want to miss, and explained just why you shouldn't. 


Launched by Hannah Weiland in 2013, the London-based brand celebrates faux fur as well as offering customers a versatile ready-to-wear line. Last season saw her pop bursts of sky blue in with bright mustard hues and matched them with small fluffy clutch bags. Her inspiration spews from modern art, collections of textures and patterns and colours she's seen. As we gawk at our phones and social media platforms this Fashion Week, and plan ahead for the upcoming seasons, Shrimps' bold approach to faux fur will no doubt be quick to grab our attentions. 

Watch Shrimps' show on the 20th of September at 9am. 

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When Gareth was a mere fashion graduate, his ever-iconic balloon dress was featured on the April 2004 cover of Dazed and Confused Magazine, styled by Nicola Formichetti. Now, 12 years later, the English-born designer still continues to successfully redefine modern luxury by coupling sculptural shapes with PVCs, cashmeres and furs. Pugh's textual mashup provides Fashion Week spectators with that kind of fanciful reality which many designers fear to tread on. If this isn't a reason to watch the show then I don't know what is. 

Watch Gareth's show on the 20th of February at 8pm.

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Growing up in Northern Ireland, Jonathan William Anderson had every hope he would make it as an actor. Before he had ever held a pair of fabric scissors, The National Music Theatre in London was his preferred place to be as he dedicated his life to studying drama. Now 34, Anderson is celebrated for his androgynous approach to dressing his female clients, and has no problem imbuing each collection with its own character of prettiness. 

Watch Anderson's show on the 20th of February at 4pm. 

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Known for her politically-engaging design ethos and spirit of illustration, Claire Barrow uses each collection to depict a story of its own. And she does that by self-taught methods of screen-paitning and hand-finished illustrations. After graduating from the University of Westminster she debuted her first London Fashion Week collection in 2013, where she quickly wooed over onlookers and has done so forever since. 

Watch Claire's show on the 21st of February at 10.30am. 

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After reviewing a spring/summer Pilotto show during my first year of university, I found myself all smitten and giddy every time it came to viewing their new collection. The energy, the soundtrack, the vibe: Pilotto designers Peter and Christopher know how to make a show memorable. Taking tiered shapes, impressive embroidery detailing and a swarm of sunshine hues (worn by the best models in the industry) they truly create something terrific. And will forever have my heart.

Watch Pilotto's show on the 22nd of February at 5pm.

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I remember reading a story about an American journalist who had spent all her student loan on new season Christopher Kane and I wasn't too sure what the fuss was all about. After growing out of my teenage babyfaced self, I began to appreciate the Central Saint Martin graduate's distinguishable aesthetic and found myself falling into the sartorial echo his collections left behind. Although I wasn't brave enough to drop my loan for some Kane knitwear, the London-born designer's approach to design steered the direction of my own wardrobe. 

Watch Kane's show on the 22nd of February at 3pm.

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Winners of LVMH award, the Portuguese designers won their way to the very core of the fashion industry, with much of their inspiration coming from the nineties, a celebration of modern youth culture and D.I.Y aesthetics. Still a student myself, I'm quick to honour arising new designers in the fashion industry. Designers such as Marques' Almeida, who tap into the rhythms of style stemming from youth culture, find themselves on the wish-list of every young creative.  

Watch Marques' Almeida's show on the 22nd of February at 12pm. 

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