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5 great places to eat in Epsom


I first discovered Muffin Break during my first year of uni with a friend as we searched for a cheap place to drink great coffee and eat lunch- three years on and it’s become our go-to lecture break hideout. You get a free coffee on your very first visit, and a free muffin on the month of your birthday (I suggest the Mars Bar muffin). Situated in the Ashley Centre, there’s nowhere else that do cappuccino frothing like them. A lunch is easily under £5 (soups, toasties and awesome brownies), to totally fit in with your student budget. They even do table service- what’s not to love?


Homemade burgers for under £10: Blacks Burgers is the home for any student with an empty fridge. Not only do they have a variety of specials to choose from, or serve just burgers, but also salads and chips to cater for the needs of everyone (the milkshakes are a personal winner). Here in Epsom, the Blacks Burgers is a cosy place, with a warm feel and a chilled atmosphere. I can't think of anywhere else that are as generous with their portions (and as thick with their milkshakes). It's a students dream. 


Despite there now being a Slug and Lettuce in almost every town and city, I first heard of it as I perused the streets of Epsom on my first few weeks of uni. 50% off food on Mondays, full breakfasts for £5 and 2 for 1 on cocktails: this place is basically a dream. Slug and Lettuce in Epsom is close to the station and neatly tucked away along with some other shops. It's great if you're in-between lectures and wanted to fill up before hand, or for if you have a few hours to kill and fancy one (or three) cocktails with your friends. With a bar-like vibe- and close to Nando's- it's the ultimate post lecture hang out place. 

Oil and bread



I highly recommend dining at Cafe Rouge during the Christmas season. The small, cosy space has a French vibe and is beautifully decorated from the inside out. Keep a look out for special offers online, as 2 for 1 and 30% vouchers are easily found to reduce your dining costs. And it's not just dinner or lunch that are worth trying: you can pop in anytime during the morning hours for a French breakfast or a quick coffee. With Starbucks being crammed full of students and mothers, why not try Cafe Rouge for your 11am latte instead? 


There's nothing quite like a great portion of fish and chips on a Friday night. This chippy- situated in the town centre- will bring back all the memories of being back home. Traditional recipes, extra-large chips, and all homemade, give yourself a post-lecture treat for under £5. Did I mention that they also do great cups of tea for £0.90p and coffee for £1.20? When you're wanting to keep your spendings under control but can't resist a filling meal that wasn't found on the Tesco reduced aisle, this is the take-out place to be.