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Getting the most out of Open Days: the questions to ask

Attending an Open Day is the best way to really get a feel for the place that you may be spending the next few years of your life. It’s your opportunity to speak face-to-face with academic staff and current students, and find out everything you want to know about the university – the course you’re interested in, the accommodation, the facilities, the community and culture, and more.

To help you get the answers you need, we’ve listed below the key questions you may want to ask at your next Open Day. And don’t forget - it’s a good idea to pose some of these questions to Student Ambassadors (current students who will be on hand to help at Open Days) as well as the academics and staff, to make sure you get a rounded perspective of university life. 

UCA Epsom Open Day 

Focus on your course of interest

  • What grades will I need and which qualifications are accepted?
  • How does the university select candidates – what do they look for in the application and personal statement?
  • How much contact time is there on the course?
  • How will I be assessed on this course?
  • Are there core and optional modules available – to what extent can the course be tailored to my individual interests?
  • How big are the seminar groups?
  • Is this course more theoretical or practical?
  • What are the department’s specialist research areas and how does this impact the course?
  • Is there an opportunity to study abroad?


Consider your career prospects

  • How will this course boost my employability?
  • Does the university offer work placements and industry links, and is there help available for finding placements?
  • What careers have previous graduates gone into?
  • What careers guidance facilities are available?


Will you be at home there?

  • Is accommodation guaranteed in the first year?
  • What accommodation is available on and off campus – how near is it to campus and the town?
  • Will I need to move in and out each term?
  • How secure is the accommodation?
  • What help is there to find accommodation in Years 2 and 3?


Chat to Student Ambassadors

  • What are the facilities, teaching staff and support links like?
  • What is the town like?
  • Do you feel safe and comfortable here?
  • What societies are there to get involved in?
  • What made you choose this university and are you pleased you did?


Consider the financial impact

  • Will I be able to balance my degree with part-time work?
  • What scholarships or bursaries are available?
  • Will I need to buy much equipment or course materials? 
  • What financial support services are offered?


At one of our UCA Open Days, you’ll be able to tour our facilities, meet our academic staff, and speak to our friendly Student Ambassadors – who know more than anyone about the student experience we offer. You’ll also be able to gain valuable portfolio advice, to help you make your application really stand out. 

Open Day, UCA Rochester