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How I’m #MakingIt as…a Senior Fashion PR Manager

Here at UCA, we’re always keen to hear about what our alumni are getting up to, and the exciting careers they're forging in the creative industries. We’ve caught up with our Fashion Promotion graduate Laura Stonard to find out how she’s getting on in the world of fashion PR, nearly seven years since graduating from UCA. 

What did you want to do when you graduated from UCA? Did you have a particular career aspiration or plan in mind?

By the time I graduated, I knew I wanted to pursue a career in fashion PR – I wanted to work with large, global fashion brands.

How did you achieve the role you have now? Please tell me a little bit about your journey to get there and what you’ve learned from it.

I worked full time for a few months after graduating in order to save money before I started interning. I then spent the next 18 months interning for several companies including Topman, River Island and Exposure. I was eventually taken on as an account assistant at Exposure and after a year I left to join Sane Communications – where I have been for the past three years, working with more contemporary brands such as Norse Projects and YMC.

What does your current role involve and what do you enjoy about it? Is it something you could have pictured yourself doing when you graduated?

I am now a senior account manager at Sane, so on top of my daily PR role I also oversee a team of seven, ensuring press targets are met and managing the smooth running of the press team. I'm now in the position I hoped I would be, and have been able to develop a rounded view of PR and how different agencies work.

If you could give your younger self (or other students nearing graduation) a piece of advice about finding a rewarding career and ‘making it’ in the creative industries, what would it be?

Work hard and stay focused, don’t let anyone walk over you and make sure you are always helpful and polite when interning.

What are your plans for the future? Where do you see yourself in five years’ time in terms of your professional life?

I would like to explore a more marketing-based role in the future. 


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