Study Abroad Brexit FAQs

The United Kingdom (UK) remains a member of the European Union (EU) until Friday January 31 2020, with all rights and obligations. This page has been created for students who will be or are looking to take part in the Erasmus+ Programme from the 31 January 2020 onwards, taken from the European Commission’s official Erasmus+ Brexit guidance page.

With the UK leaving the EU, what will happen to my Erasmus+ grant?
The European Commission has confirmed the following:

The EU and the UK have agreed to postpone the date of the withdrawal of the UK from the EU until 1 February 2020, unless a Withdrawal Agreement is ratified before that date, in which case the UK will withdraw on the first day of the month following that ratification. If by the time of the UK's withdrawal, the Withdrawal Agreement is signed and ratified, then the UK can continue to take part in the current Erasmus+ programme until the close of the programme.

This means that students going abroad under Erasmus+ will continue to benefit from the grant for the time being. However, formal negotiations for post January 31 2020 are still being ratified.

I’m abroad and things have changed, what do I do?
UCA will endeavour to update you during your exchange regarding Brexit and any changes as they come through to us. In order to keep yourself informed, please continue to check the UCA Study Abroad Website, UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the Home Office and the British Council.

What happens in a no-deal scenario?
The European Union and the UK Government are taking measures to avoid disruption to Erasmus+ at the time of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU. On 19 March 2019, the Council and Parliament adopted an Erasmus+ Contingency Regulation (COM/2019/499) to avoid the disruption of Erasmus+ learning mobility activities involving the United Kingdom in the event that the UK leaves the EU without a deal (“no-deal scenario”). You should note, however, that the Regulation only covers learning mobility starting before the withdrawal date.

I want to study in Europe, will this change after 31 January 2020?
You are able to see your study abroad exchanges for your course under the following link. UCA is seeking to continue collaboration post-Brexit with all European partners. Should any changes as a result of Brexit happen with European partners, the website will be updated and nominated students informed.

Will I need a visa to do a Study or Work abroad placement in Europe?
Until the UK ceases to be a member of the EU, your immigration status as a UK citizen in the European Union/ European Economic area will not change. Rules on free movement and immigration are still being negotiated. If you currently require a visa to study in the UK you will still need to apply for a visa to study in another EU country.