Creativity has no borders, so if you’re dreaming of adventure, inspiration and new life experiences, all while earning credits towards your UCA degree, the UCA Study Abroad Programme is the perfect choice.

As a UCA student you have the unique opportunity to spend part of your undergraduate degree studying abroad at one of our partner universities in Europe, America, Asia or even Australia.

You’ll still be enrolled at UCA while you’re studying abroad, earning credits towards your degree. When you apply to study abroad, you’ll work with your academic lead to choose an institution and a course that aligns with what you’re studying here.

Living and studying in a new country gives you the chance to immerse yourself in different cultures, meet new people, gain fantastic life skills and boost your employability.


If you are enrolled in a three-year degree, you can choose the Semester Abroad Programme, and apply for an exchange place to spend the Autumn or Spring semester of your second year studying at one of your partner universities.

To take part in the programme you must:

  • Be in your first year at UCA
  • Get the support of one of your course’s academics.
  • Have a good academic and attendance record.
  • Research and select three partner institutions you are interested in studying with.

Applications for the 24-25 academic year are now closed 


Study Year

If you are on a four-year degree with Professional Practice Year (PPY), you can swap your PPY for the International Study Year (ISY) and spend an entire year studying abroad at a UCA partner university. 

This year-long exchange takes place in the third year of your degree and enables you to immerse yourself in different cultures and communities. In a new learning environment, you will widen your creativity with global perspectives, develop international networks and grow personally and professionally. 

To apply for the ISY, you must:

  • Be in your second year at UCA
  • Get the support of one of your course’s academics
  • Have a good academic and attendance record.
  • Research and select three partner institutions you are interested in studying with.

Applications for the 24-25 academic year are now closed. 

Where you
can go

UCA has partners across the world, so if you’re dreaming of studying in Europe, Asia, America or Oceania there’s an institution for you. 

To find where you can study and what courses our partners offer, visit our Where You Can Go page. 

Summer opportunities

UCA has shorter summer opportunities available to all students. These opportunities will not count towards your degree but offer you the chance to experience living, studying or even working overseas. 

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Asked Questions

If you want to apply to study abroad, you must do the following:

  • Apply by the deadline
  • Research and select three partner universities you are interested in - and make sure your choices offer courses relevant to your current UCA degree. Please note we cannot guarantee your first choice. 
  • Gain consent and endorsement from your Programme Director or Academic Lead

Once you have applied, UCA will nominate you to one of your university choices, and if successful you’ll receive an official invitation to apply to the partner university. It is your responsibility to complete the host university application by the deadline to secure your place.



If you are on a three-year course, your semester abroad would take place in Year Two and you would need to apply in Year One.

If you are on a four-year course, your full-year abroad would take place in Year Three and you would need to apply in Year Two.

It is important that you select and study courses relevant to your UCA degree for your semester abroad to count towards your UCA degree. It is your responsibility to research the course and units on offer at your host institution. Together with your academic lead, you should select the courses you wish to study, ensuring these are compatible with your UCA degree and the credits that you earn can be counted towards your UCA degree before you apply to your host Institution. These courses must be taught in English unless you meet the language requirements for host university and your request to study in another language is approved by your Programme Director.

Yes, the credits earned abroad as part of your exchange programme will be transferred back to UCA (normally the equivalent to 60 UCA credits).

However, your exchange will only be awarded a “pass” or “fail” grade due to the difficulty of translating the grades used in different education systems. This means that the exchange will not count towards your final classification. 

You are not required to pay the host institution any tuition fees or examination fees, however you will continue to pay your normal tuition fees to UCA and will be responsible for covering all travel, visa, accommodation, personal and living costs.

If you are currently receiving a maintenance grant or student loan from Student Finance England, you will still receive this while you are abroad.

Additionally, UCA takes part in the Turing Scheme, which provides funding for individuals undertaking education or training in the UK to study abroad. You can apply for this during the application process. 

Turing Scheme funding amounts vary depending on the length of the study undertaken abroad, the distance from UCA and the cost of living at the destination country. -  . Any funding will only assist towards the cost of travel and living expenses.

For more information about the Turing Scheme, visit 


Your accommodation options will be different depending on which university you are going to. Your host university can provide specific information on the halls of residence, affiliated halls and private accommodation. Many have accommodation information on their websites, and dedicated accommodation teams to support you. 

For more information contact the Study Abroad team via