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School of Fine Art, Photography & Visual Communication
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Our School of Fine Art, Photography & Visual Communication, led by Professor Terry Perk, is home to an inspiring academic community whose research work is shaping conversations in the field.

The School of Fine Art and Photography Research Centre (FAPRC), Directed by Professor Jean Wainwright,  was established in 2017. It supports selected international research projects and initiatives, encouraging debate and scholarship with a series of specific research clusters, exhibitions, conferences and symposia, resulting in critical dialogue around Fine Art and Photography.

The School's dedicated research centre is the base for dozens of pioneering projects, including Fast Forward: Women in Photography and postdigital publishing platform The BookRoom.

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Fast Forward is designed to promote and engage with women in photography across the globe. We want to provoke new debate and ensure that we are in the news and in the history books. There are millions of women in the world of photography and now is the time to arrest the process of forgetting that so frequently erases women from the burgeoning histories of photography and shed light on new ways of thinking, showing, discussing and distributing our work.

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Our Projects

Read about some of the projects from the School of Fine Art, Photography & Visual Communication.

In an exhibition at the Horniman Museum and Gardens and an accompanying publication, Chell celebrates the (re)discovery of 19th-century botanist and pioneering photographer Anna Atkins’ work at the Horniman. Sharing Atkins’ ‘fondness for botany’, Chell’s interdisciplinary practice uses drawing, writing, painting, sculpture and photography to investigate the discrepancies and overlaps between creative expression and scientific investigation.

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In From Ship to Shore and Powerful Tides’, Wainwright drew on interviews with artists whose work has focused on the sea, as well as her own knowledge of nautical history and seafaring, to create three exhibitions and a book that shed new light on contemporary artistic responses to the sea.

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This video installation and series of photographic works explore the conceptual and visual expression of stem cells in regenerative medicine.

The research is was informed by Rogers’ residency with the Bone and Joint Research Group at the University of Southampton, which enabled her to engage closely with scientific research into embryonic and adult stem cell tissue engineering and cell regeneration.

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This work consists of a series of ten photographic prints on A3 recycled paper, laid on a desk. Each image shows a different arrangement of four wooden blocks from a game of Jenga. This game usually involves balancing a precarious structure, but here the blocks are arranged into compositions that resemble models for larger-scale minimalist sculpture.

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The solo and group exhibitions that form a part of this work both draw on a developing body of research that uses multi-material installations to explore the themes of feminism, protest and power.

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