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Jan - Call for Papers: Jessica Kelly - Architecture and Culture Vol. 6

Call for Papers: Behind the Scenes: Anonymity and the Hidden Mechanisms of Design and Architecture Architecture and Culture

Vol. 6, Issue no. 1, March 2018
This issue is guest edited by Dr Jessica Kelly  Lecturer in Contextual and Theoretical Studies at the University for the Creative Arts

We tend to think about architects and designers as ’names’, creative individuals who have become branded personalities, bringing with them a particular look or attitude.  Yet as long ago as 1937, the journalist J.M. Richards declared that the personalities of architects and designers should become ‘culturally irrelevant’. Richards’ perspective emphasized the role of collective processes and anonymity in design and architecture. This Issue of Architecture and Culture seeks to look beyond the named individual or brand and explore the invisible, the overlooked and the ignored in design and architectural practice. 

Focusing on the people, places and practices that are outside of or peripheral to conventional discussions, we ask in what ways personality remains relevant in design and architecture. This could include questioning the role of biography and autobiography in design discourses, exploring collaborative practices and globalised perspectives. The aim is not to propose new centres or canons but instead to de-centre discussions; to embrace the complexity and multiplicity of characters and narratives in design practice and history.  

Coupled with this issue of personality, is the theme of ‘hidden mechanisms’ in design and architectural practice. Responding to Igea Troiani and Suzanne Ewing’s exploration of the ‘Inter, Multi and Trans-Disciplinary’ character of design practice, this Issue will consider the complex fields of activities involved in design and architecture. Emphasizing process rather than products or outputs, contributions might consider the role of administration, documentation, mediation and commentary in design practice. It will focus on the theme of networks (formal and informal, professional and personal) and will interrogate themes such as authorship, collaboration, creativity and the definitions of ‘ordinary’ in terms of practice, people and style.

Call for papers for this issue
We seek contributions from a wide range of practices and disciplines to interrogate the hidden, the intangible and the anonymous in design and architecture. We welcome contributions that consider alternative forms to the conventional academic essay, including the visual and verbal.

Contributions might address, but are not limited to, the following themes: 

  • Design and anonymity in various contexts such as production, patent and copyright
  • Collective Practices and collaborative dynamics: Design teams, creativity and authorship
  • Networks – public and private, personal and professional 
  • Non-masculinist/Feminist perspectives on design production
  • Spaces of production
  • Non-expert producers
  • Inter-disciplinary practices
  • Alternative modes of discourse: orality, non-verbal communication
  • Global perspectives on design practices and discourse

Contributions can range from short observations or manifestos, creative pieces, or visual essays, to longer academic articles. Architecture and Culture is published in both on-line and hard-copy formats: there is capacity to host on-line contributions that operate in a different way to paper-based work.

Production schedule
Response: 1 January 2017 
Editors selection: February 2017
Peer Reviewing: March-June 2017
Authors Revisions: July-September 2017
Editorial checking: October-November 2017
Copy to publisher: 1 December 2017
Issue publication: March 2018

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