Researcher Development

Researcher Development

Whether you are already a staff researcher, working towards a doctorate, or pursuing an academic career, the Researcher Development Framework (RDF) can help you advance your skills. The RDF was designed by academic leaders to develop world-class researchers and build the UK's research base. It offers a framework for planning, promoting and supporting your personal, professional and career development as a researcher in higher education, with a useful guide to the knowledge, behaviours and attributes you will need to succeed.

Our Library is also home to a wealth of useful research resources. 

Get inspired by our REF2021 submitted written and practice-based research

Use the Academic Career Fields Plan as a template for planning your ACF activity and development

Researcher Development Webinars

As part of UCA's commitment to the Concordat to Support Research Integrity, and the Principles of the Researcher Development Concordatwe have produced the following webinars and presentations to assist you with your development.




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Thursday 29th September,  13.00-14.00

Academic Career Planning (Research and Innovation): PDR, challenges and opportunities 

Led by Professor Victoria Kelley, the webinar will explore your role in the development of UCA’s research culture; how to discuss research objectives for your PDR, how you should book and use Academic Career Field time; discuss how to plan your research development; and outline the support offered by the University. 

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Thursday 13th October,  13.00-14.00

Professor Cat Rossi: Nightclubs, Design Exhibitions and Narrating Impact 

Cat will present her Impact Case Study (ICS), submitted for REF 2021 through Kingston University. Entitled “Designing Night Life: Informing New Curatorial Activity in International Design Museums on the Design History of Club Culture”, the ICS built on Cat’s exhibition and publication-based research into the design history of nightclubs, particularly those associated with Italy’s 1960s and 1970s Radical Design avant-garde.  

Cat will talk through the underpinning research, the nature of the impact, and the processes involved in putting the case study together. 

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Tuesday 25th October,  13.00-14.00

UCA Internal Funding Schemes (Research & Knowledge Exchange)

The session will explore:  

  • What is the available Internal Funding support at UCA? 
  • What the panels are looking for to support the application?  
  • How to manage your award? 

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Tuesday 8th November,  13.00-14.00

Ethics and Integrity at UCA (incl NEW GUIDANCE ON NSIA)

The webinar will seek to answer the following questions: 

  • What is the role of Research Career Field Staff in promoting research integrity at UCA? 
  • Where to guide students to get information? What is the process they should follow before and while undertaking their research? 
  • Who to contact for advice? 

The webinar will also offer guidance on the new National Security and Investment Act (NSIA) regarding research and national security.

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Tuesday 22nd November,  13.00-14.00

Dr Jessica Kelly: Publishing an Academic Edited Book

A discussion of the processes of proposing, collating and editing an edited book or journal special issue. 

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Thursday 8th December,  13.00-14.00

Professor Victoria Kelley: Developing your Practice-Based Research

This session will focus on how to develop the presentation of your practice-based research. The session will work through different areas for development, providing tips on how to write about your practice-based research and how to combine this with images to create a dynamic presentation of your work.

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Previous Webinars

To watch these recorded webinars, visit MyUCA.


  • Knowledge Exchange Fund webinar - hosted by Amer Alwarea
  • Open Access: What researchers need to know - hosted by Amy Robinson
  • Knowledge Exchange Online Training - hosted by Vitae
  • REF2021: Lessons learned and next steps - hosted by Professor Victoria Kelley
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  • Internal Research Fund webinar - hosted by Elizabeth Baxter
  • Research Planning for Academic Staff - hosted by Victoria Kelley
  • Managing and Supporting Research Career Field Staff: for Programme Directors -hosted by Victoria Kelley
  • UCA’s Research Profile Our REF2021 Submission - hosted by Victoria Kelley and Amer Alwarea
  • Photography and the Question of Ethics - hosted by Professor Anna Fox and Professorial Fellow Sunil Gupta
  • Guide to My UCA Research Ethics – hosted by Amer Alwarea
  • How to increase your research impact – Hosted by Lesley Millar and Simon Olding
  • Getting Published – hosted by Victoria Kelley
  • Research Planning – hosted by Victoria Kelley
  • Developing Portfolios for REF (and beyond) – hosted by Abby Whittall
  • External Grants (Power point slides) – by Tracy Crowther

For links to any of the below webinars, contact the Research Team at


  • Diversity and inclusivity in REF processes – hosted by Victoria Kelley and Joe McCarron
  • Code of Practice and academic career fields – hosted by Nino Nizharadze and Victoria Kelley
  • Career field consultation – hosted by Roni Brown and Victoria Kelley
  • Research Degree News 2018-2019 – hosted by George Barber and Victoria Kelley


  • REF 2021 at UCA: Starting the process (the REF audit) – hosted by Nino Nizharadze
  • How to apply for Internal Research Fund – hosted by Liz Baxter
  • Impact – measuring public engagement in arts research – hosted by Charlotte Medland-Oxford
  • UCARO – UCA research online – hosted by Amy Robinson
  • Routes to teaching in the arts – hosted by Annamarie McKie
  • Writing for REF – hosted by Victoria Kelley
  • UCA Mock REF – hosted by Amy Robinson and Nino Nizharadze
  • UCA Mock REF: lessons learned – hosted by Victoria Kelley and Nino Nizharadze


  • How to run a webinar – hosted by Tony Reeves
  • Internal Funding – hosted by Nino Nizharadze
  • HE Fellowships – hosted by Annamarie McKie
  • UCA Research Online – hosted by Amy Robinson
  • Research Ethics UCA application (slides) – by Tracey Ashmore
  • Research Proposals – hosted by Liz Thomson
  • Restless Terrain’ research seminar – hosted by Andrea Gregson
  • Careers for researchers – hosted by Jan Rowan
  • Data Management – hosted by Amy Robinson
  • IP Copyright – hosted by Lisa Moore
  • Building your research network – hosted by Tony Reeves
  • Practice-based research – hosted by Chris Jones
  • Managing research with digital tools – hosted by Tony Reeves
  • Research methods part 1 – hosted by Chris Jones
  • Research methods part 2 – hosted by Chris Jones
  • Making time for research – hosted by Liz Thomson
  • Successful bid writing – hosted by Leigh Garrett
  • Research ethics in arts and humanities – hosted by Liz Thomson
  • Research careers – applications and CVs – hosted by Jan Rowan
  • Arts-based research – hosted by Anthony Heywood