Whether you are already a staff researcher, working towards a doctorate, or pursuing an academic career, the Researcher Development Framework (RDF) can help you advance your skills.

The RDF was designed by academic leaders to develop world-class researchers and build the UK's research base. It offers a framework for planning, promoting and supporting your personal, professional and career development as a researcher in higher education, with a useful guide to the knowledge, behaviours and attributes you will need to succeed.

Our Library is also home to a wealth of useful research resources.

Get inspired by our REF2021 submitted written and practice-based research

Use the Academic Career Fields Plan as a template for planning your ACF activity and development

Researcher Development Webinars

As part of UCA's commitment to the Concordat to Support Research Integrity, and the Principles of the Researcher Development Concordat, we have produced the following webinars and presentations to assist you with your development.

Spring Webinars: April and May 2024

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Tuesday 16 April


Creative Commons Licensing – A Guide for Researchers 

Creative Commons (CC) provides a way to license the use of outputs you create and share.  This webinar will give you a brief definition of Creative Commons Licenses, illustrate the different types and how to use them to publish your own content.  

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Wednesday 24 April


UCA Internal Funding Schemes

This session will explore the Internal Funding opportunities available at UCA.  Looking at both Knowledge Exchange and Internal Research Funding, we will outline what support is available, what the awarding panel is looking for, and how to manage your award.

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Monday 29 April


Writing for Journals

Hosted by UCA’s ECR Network, this webinar offers an introduction to ‘writing for journals’ for those towards the beginning of their research career. Our three speakers will share their experiences and offer advice on writing for and publishing with academic journals, including how to select a journal, the expectations of editors, and academic writing.

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Tuesday 7 May


Risky Research: Rethinking Research Ethics

Focusing on the ethics of ‘risky’ research, this webinar draws on the AHRC-funded project Rethinking Research Ethics in the Humanities to stimulate reflection and discussion of ethical issues faced by researchers. This webinar will encourage participants to discuss their own projects and experiences of conducting research that might be considered ‘risky’, as well as offering information about UCA’s research ethics process.

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Wednesday 29 May


REF2029: What you Need to Know Now

Hosted by UCA’s ECR Network, this webinar will aim to demystify the Research Excellence Framework (REF), a nation-wide assessment of research within UK higher education institutions. The REF takes place every 6-8 years, with the next scheduled assessment taking place in 2029. Although this may seem like a long time away, it is important to be aware of the REF and what it means for your role as a researcher at UCA. This webinar will consist of a presentation by Research Manager Dr Abigail Whittall, with opportunity for questions and discussions.

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Winter Webinars: January to March 2024

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Tuesday 23 January

11:00 - 12:00

Culture at UCA: Galleries, Curators, and Exhibitions

Join us to meet Gallery curators Dr Loucia Manopoulou (Surrey) and Bean (Kent) who will explore the many ways in which you can get involved in UCA’s exhibitions and gallery spaces.

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Tuesday 20 February

13:00 - 14:00

How to Avoid a Data Disaster

Led by Amy Robinson, this webinar will cover the basics of organising, storing and safeguarding your project files and making a research data management plan.

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Tuesday 5 March


IP Masterclass 

Develop your knowledge and skills in Intellectual Property, focusing on design and copyright, with this training session led by the Intellectual Property Office. 

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Wednesday 6 March


Introduction to Participatory Research

Led by The Young Foundation, this session explores the principles and practice of community engaged research. Opportunities will be offered for researchers to be mentored in the design and development of research projects that engage with communities outside of academia through participatory or co-produced methods.

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Tuesday 19 March


Challenges for Mid-Career Researchers

Mid-career researchers (MCRs) face significant challenges in developing their careers, and these are increasing as the pressures and expectations within modern higher education have mounted. Dr Amy Bonsall and Dr Kelly Pickard-Smith discuss their new report, which provides evidence of these challenges, and the eight recommendations it makes for addressing them. 

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Autumn Webinars: October to December 2023



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Tuesday 3 October


UCA Internal Funding Schemes

This session will explore the internal funding opportunities available at UCA. It will outline what support is available, what the awarding panel is looking for, and how to manage your award.

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Tuesday 17 October


Making your research Open Access

This webinar will look at how to make your research available on open access and the benefits. It will introduce UCARO and the Library's 'read and publish' deals, which are free for you to use.

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Tuesday 31 October


Academic Career Fields

All academic staff at UCA are aligned to one of three career fields: Professional Practice, Creative Education, or Research. The deadline for making an application to an Academic Career Field (ACF) is Monday 27 November. This webinar will explain the ACF process and answer any questions.

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Tuesday 14 November


Library services for researchers

Led by Antonia Lewis, this webinar outlines the Library's advanced search tools, spotlights unique Special Collections and helps you to source material beyond UCA. It also includes signposts to guides and follow up information specifically for researchers, designed to help you get to grips with relevant topics such as publishing models and open access terminology.

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Tuesday 28 November


Transforming the Gap: Inclusive Data Research Skills

In this webinar, Dr Zoetanya Sujon outlines a 12-month funded project working with under-represented arts and humanities researchers from every career stage to develop an inclusive approach to data and digital research skills provision. The project positions inclusion between digital literacies and infrastructures and aims to transform arts and humanities research gaps for better and more innovative research outcomes. Dr Sujon shares observations and early findings from the project.

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Tuesday 5 December


Copyright for research

Led by Lisa Moore, this webinar will cover copyright essentials for researchers. Copyright is an important consideration of your research projects. This session will highlight why copyright matters when including third party materials in publications. It will also explore copyright alternatives such as Creative Commons and how the publishing process affects ownership of copyright.

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Tuesday 12 December


Introduction to Knowledge Transfer Partnerships and Smart Grants

Led by Dr Arantxa Echarte, this webinar explores the key criteria, types of partnerships and finance requirements for KTPs and Smart Grants.

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Previous Webinars

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  • The Essentials of Open Access 
  • AHRC Funding Session: Perspectives from Peer Reviewers 
  • Early Career Researcher (ECR) Essentials
  • Research Impact: Beyond REF
  • Knowledge Exchange & Innovation for Researchers
  • Academic Career Planning (Research and Innovation): PDR, challenges and opportunities ​
  • UCA Internal Funding Schemes (Research & Knowledge Exchange)​
  • Ethics and Integrity at UCA (inc. New guidance on NSIA)​
  • Dr Jessica Kelly: Publishing an Academic Edited Book​
  • Professor Victoria Kelley: Developing your Practice-Based Research​

For more information about any of the webinars, contact the Research Team at roffice@uca.ac.uk

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