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At UCA, we pride ourselves on offering a rich, practice-based and industry-focused learning experience. Our academics are closely connected to their respective industries and each is an active practitioner in their field, ensuring that every discipline taught at UCA remains relevant to the sectors it serves. We have a very strong staff/student ratio too, providing high levels of contact time between academics and students across all four campuses. You’ll also be supported by our talented technicians, who are integral to the development of your practical skills.

Each campus is a thriving hub of uniquely collaborative creativity. They are vibrant communities of artists, designers, scholars and creative arts professionals, all of whom will provide a huge amount of support and enable you to create extraordinary, innovative work that opens the door to your future career. We are 100% creative: as a specialist arts institution, our distinctiveness against larger multi-disciplinary universities comes from focusing on provision through our creative campuses which are not compromised by sharing facilities with other subjects or disciplines.

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You also have the opportunity to study some of our courses at two highly unique and specialist locations.

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