Student blog

Was University Worth It?

Worth is a very subjective thing, isn’t it?

You can complain about the money and the grades until your messy housemates decide to turn the music down at 6am after 3 house calls from the police, but you really cant complain about the experiences and personal development that university offers you.

Many different factors have contributed to my life at UCA over the years. One of the fantastic things about UCA is the community. Because of our small size, everyone basically knows everyone, which gave me a network of friends on and off my course who supported me through everything. To everyone I’ve met during my time here, I thank you. The people really do make the experience.

The opportunities I’ve had through coming to university are second to none. Our tutors have pushed us to do so many industry jobs and help us to get what we need. Our class has gone on to work on so many exciting opportunities (my Behance page is poppin’) and we couldn’t have achieved that without the dedicated support of the university.

All of that is well and good until your mind comes round to the fact that you are spending a lot of money to be at university. The 50k debt is the real killer isn’t it? Well, in my mind, not really. You don’t miss the money because you never see it. It’s not to be taken lightly, but in my humble opinion the experience, life skills and professional skills that you get in return are priceless. The best way to go about dealing with the student loan I’ve found is completely forgetting you have it and live in the hope that they abolish all debts for the rest of time... We can dream.

Then there’s the question of will I get a job when I leave? The answer to that is probably! Over 94% of our students are employed or in further education after we graduate, so there really isn’t too much to worry about! If you work hard, use the rescources and are passionate about your work, you can’t fail. Besides, employability isn’t the only reason to pursue a degree. We do these degrees because we are eager to learn more and become leaders in our subjects. We crave knowledge.

So really, overall, I would say that my time at university has been so worth the years and the money. So if you’re wavering about coming to university, please don’t be terrified of the debt. Life is to short to deny yourself these opportunities.