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Money saving tips from a student

Happy New Year! 

It's January which can only mean one thing; Christmas is over. Christmas is naturally one of the most wonderful times of the year but it can also leave you ever so slightly (aka largely) out of pocket, so here are a few tips to help you save some cash for the up and coming year.

1. Choose where you shop carefully.
In Farnham we have the option of Lidl and Sainsbury's as our local supermarkets. Although some will have explored a weekly or biweekly shopping order from the ever so student friendly Asda. Lidl is incredibly affordable but doesn't always have what you need which takes you to the all convenient Sainsburys. Though do take note that Poundland is also good for milk, snacks, home ware (sometimes), kitchen utensils and other bits and pieces. 

2. Homeware.
Making your room feel homely is very important to feeling comfortable away from your family home, in my opinion. If you want to make your room more 'you', buying isn't always necessary - there are countless website that provide numerous ways in which you can make personalisations to your room at an affordable rate.

3. Treat yourself once a week.
One day a week treat yourself to a indulgent hot (or cold) drink from one of the many cafes in Farnham! Or a few snacks you wouldn't normally allow yourself; save up a little at the end of each week so that you can buy yourself something that floats your boat, that you otherwise wouldn't be able to get!

4. Plan meals and write a weekly shopping list.
Make a note of what you plan on having for breakfast, lunch and dinner that week - in doing this you'll find that eating healthy isn't as expensive as you might think. Also don't go shopping while you're hungry - it's true what they say, you end up buying more than what you actually need. 

5. Sell old clothes/furniture.
If you're really in need of some cash, one quick way you can generate some money is selling old clothes you no longer wear or furniture you don't need (also declutters your living space while you're at it too!). With going to an art university, people also have their own crafts that they can make a small business out of.