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Revolve:R, edition two

Revolve:R is a multidisciplinary and international collaboration based on visual correspondence, which explores a transmission of ideas via physical and tactile forms of communication (such as printed matter and the postal service) and includes a parallel interplay online. Besides imagery, Revolve:R includes poetry, film and music. Each Revolve:R edition is presented as a bookwork publication.

Published in 2015 and curated by Sam Treadaway and Ricarda Vidal, edition two is the result of a two-year long collaboration between artists, writers, filmmakers, a mathematician and a composer. As a continuation of edition one (published 2013), Treadaway and Vidal produced an artwork (inspired by concepts of chance and synchronicity) which they sent via post to a number of artists with an invitation to respond with an artwork of their own. Once all these artworks had been received, a new work was created as both a synthesis, edit and answer to the collective works. This was once again sent to all participating artists. Each Revolve:R  project and bookwork consists of six rounds, referred to as ‘Revolves’, of this process of communication.

For edition two, poets were invited to write poems in response to the collective artworks of each Revolve. These six poems were then forwarded to filmmakers who were invited to produce short films in response to each poem. A composer also wrote a score for the project.

In Revolve:R, edition two, at UCA Farnham, the playfulness of the project continues with the viewer  encouraged to engage with multi-media works from both inside and outside the gallery space. Works featured within the exhibition explore the theme of the second Revolve:R edition: chance and synchronicity. Works are drawn from the publication to create a visually and aurally immersive experience by displaying image and text, at various scales and in different media, as framed works, prints on paper and translucent vinyl, screened, and emitted via speakers. Alongside this, a series of vitrines display the edition two bookwork publication, original art works from the project, and other related ephemera.

As a multidisciplinary site and source for experimentation and exchange, Revolve:R aims to support artists through the publication and exhibition of their work. With a strong focus on collaborative practice, the project facilitates communication between national and international arts communities, transcending geographic and linguistic boundaries, and is intended as a vehicle  for new and responsive artistic dialogues and interactions. 

Revolve:R, edition two includes works by:

Alastair Whitton (SA), Ricarda Vidal (DE), Linnea Vedder (US), Sam Treadaway (UK), Clare Thornton (UK), Kate Street (UK), Daniel Smedley (UK), David Shillinglaw (UK), Solveig Settemsdal (NO), Laura Santamaria (IT), Matt Rowe (UK), James Rigler (UK), Pietro Reviglio (IT), Bernd Reichert (DE), Rammatik (FO), One Five West (UK), Juneau Projects (UK), Julie McCalden (UK), John Matthias (UK), Domingo Martinez (ES), Anna Mace (UK), Sharon Kivland (UK), Hayden Kays (UK), Peter Hoiß (AT), Alice Hendy (UK), Verena Hägler (DE), Patrick Galway (UK), Steven J Fowler (UK), Stephanie Douet (UK), Todd DiCiurcio (US), Emma Cocker (UK), Anna Cady (UK), Richard Broomhall (UK), Oscar Bandtlow (DE), Maria Anastassiou (CY), Diana Ali (UK).

Revolve:R, edition three is currently in development.


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