ExhibitionJames Hockey Gallery

MILIEU? New work by Year 2 BA Film & Digital Art students

milieu noun [ C ] uk  /miːlˈjɜː/ us /miːlˈjɜː/ plural milieux or milieus formal. the people, physical, and social conditions and events that provide the environment in which someone acts or lives: It is a study of the social and cultural milieu in which Michelangelo lived and worked.

Students explore maps and networks as metaphors, through inventive and imaginative interpretations of space, memory, identity, surveillance, cultural anthropology, ecology and sustainability. Spanning video, animation, multi-screen film, spoken-word, video games and installation, the work in the exhibition illustrates the breadth and interdisciplinary nature of the course which enables students to consider social, personal and political concerns through film and digital art. 

Harnessing creativity to technical know-how, intellectual curiosity to social responsibility, Film & Digital Art affords students invaluable opportunities for individual and collaborative expression and experimentation. 

Anike Ayorinde, Cecily Bedner, Jen Boyden, Pip Brett, Kylan Casey, Luna Charman, Chloe Clarke, Richard Hearne, Lois Hill, Jeeves Lakhay, Brodie McBride, Aaron Mitchell, Grace Patey, Emily Preston, Ance Priedniece, Victor Rasuly, Mindi Roscoe, Harley Sample, Avery Stimson, Katy Thomas, Emily Thorn, Alex Wiseman, Jasper Collinson-Warr, Dean Wright, Junaid Zaheer


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Header image: Digital Dystopia, Pip Brett, 2018