‘In The Balance’ art exhibit (Anon.), Barranquilla, Colombia, 2017. © ST Dancey

Conflict and the Creative Arts Research Centre

Conflict & the Creative Arts
Research Centre

The Conflict & the Creative Arts Research Centre works across artistic disciplines to investigate the relationship between culture and the multiple and diverse contexts of conflict - from armed conflict and identity politics to marginalised communities and violence and conflict around sexuality and gender.  

Bringing together practitioners, academics, emerging researchers, artists and activists, the Centre explores how artistic and cultural practice can impact on individuals and groups to transform their social reality.  

The Centre draws together and amplifies critical perspectives, including marginalised voices, to drive pioneering and original creative enquiry at a local, national and international level. This practice-based research aims to generate new and meaningful knowledge, methodologies, and practice.  

 A global partnership, our founding members are experts in a broad array of disciplines, including: 

Image: ‘In The Balance’, art exhibit (Anon.), Barranquilla, Colombia, 2017 © ST Dancey 

Our Projects

‘Displacement, Conflict and Luxury: Palestinian Contemporary Art’ is a research output comprising an edited collection and an exhibition, which together provide both a practical investigation and theorizing of contemporary Palestinian art. The work aims to find new ways of thinking about the production of contemporary art in a globalized and conflicted context.

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This work explores ‘the places in-between’ in the entanglements of Irish and Northern Irish gender and identity, and in the abject fabrics of death and of desire. As an Irish feminist, Prof. Harper's sense-making of the complexities, conundrums, challenges and contradictions of her land, her cloth, her body and her culture owes much to Irish women before her who fought for female suffrage, and Irish women now – north and south of the border that divides the island of Ireland – who still struggle for equality of citizenship, social justice, human rights, and full reproductive autonomy.

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