Meet & Greet service

We understand that travelling on your own to another country can be daunting and we want to make your journey and simple and stress-free as possible. We offer all new international and EU students the opportunity to book our Meet & Greet Service. If you reserve this, our minibus or taxi representative will meet you at the arrivals terminal of Heathrow after you land, and take you directly to your campus accommodation. It is available on designated arrival weekends.

Why should I book the UCA Meet and Greet Service?

  • It is really simple to book. 
  • UCA will know your arrival details, and will be available to contact if you experience any problems with the minibus or taxi service, your arrival, or drop-off at the accommodation. You will be given a contact number after booking, or can contact for non-urgent questions.
  • It is often very expensive to book a taxi from outside the airport, so you will save money by booking in advance with UCA.
  • Taking a taxi is much quicker and more convenient than relying on public transport.

Below is useful information about how our Meet & Greet service works for your chosen course.

Pre-sessional English (5 or 10 week) courses

  • Book your place

    For Pre-sessional English students, the Meet & Greet service is free of charge but you do need to book your place so we can arrange the service for you. You can simply email for more information. 


  • Frequently asked questions

    Who is entitled to use our free Meet & Greet service?
    All international Pre-sessional English students on the 5-week and 10-week courses.

    What do I do if my flight details change after booking?
    Email and inform us of the change. Please include your student number in your email. If it is an urgent change, please call your taxi or minibus representative, or UCA co-ordinator directly.

    When will the representative meet me at Arrivals?
    The taxi or minibus representative will meet you at Arrivals 45 minutes after your plane lands. 

    What if my flight is delayed?
    Your UCA representative will check your arrival time and will be there to meet you 45 minutes after you land, even if your flight is delayed.

    What if I am delayed in Customs, I get lost or I can't find the driver?
    Don't worry! You will also be given the number of the UCA Meet and Greet Co-Ordinator who you should call in case of any other problems, or you are not able to speak to the taxi or minibus representative.

    If I arrive at night or early in the morning, can I still use the service?
    Yes you can, but we do recommend that you try and arrive between 9am and 5pm, so you can meet our accommodation team who can help you with any questions. If you arrive outside of office hours, our security team will show you to your accommodation instead.

    Can I bring my parents or relatives?
    Yes you can. We do however have limited spaces available for luggage as well. However, you are responsible for making sure there is enough space in the taxi for passengers and baggage, so we recommend not bringing more than 2 people or a lot of luggage. If any additional space and taxi are required, you will need to pay for the second taxi directly. 


  • Terms and conditions

    These are the terms and conditions for using our Meet & Greet service:

      1. By booking the Meet & Greet service you are agreeing to UCA's terms and conditions.
      2. Please turn on your mobile telephone when you enter the terminal building at the airport. You will need to provide us with this telephone number when booking.
      3. If you are delayed a long time, you should call your taxi representative or the UCA Meet and Greet Co-ordinator (on the telephone numbers provided after booking). If you are delayed for a long time at customs/passport control/security, and you have not notified us, our representative may leave the airport without you.
      4. If you cannot find your taxi driver in the terminal 1 hour after your plane lands, you should call them or the UCA Meet and Greet Co-ordinator (on the telephone numbers provided after booking).
      5. If you are travelling with a guest, you do not have to pay extra but you must make sure that one taxi is large enough for all passengers and luggage. If an additional taxi is required for your guests or luggage, you will need to book and pay for it yourself at the airport.
      6. Under no circumstances should you leave the airport other than with your UCA representative, as this will incur additional charges. 
      7. If you wish to cancel a booking before your arrival date, you should email as soon as possible. Cancellations are not accepted later than 7 days before you are due to use the service.

Any questions?

If you would like to know any further details about the Meet & Greet service please email: