A really good presentation, clearly giving a range of options available. Having current students there to talk to, close in age to my students, meant they could really relate to the courses on offer. It has opened up new routes for some and cemented the ambitions of others. Highly recommended.'

- Art teacher, Oasis Academy Isle of Sheppey

We offer presentations to cover a range of creative progression themes. Presentations can be tailored to the audience and can be about:

  • A specific subject area 
  • Creative Careers
  • Creative Portfolios
  • Industry expert talks with creatives working in the sector

Available in school/college or online. To request a presentation, assembly or talk, please email: outreach@uca.ac.uk.


Presentations, assemblies and talks are available for years 7-13 & FE equivalent levels.

If you’re unsure whether your students or young people are eligible to take part in any of the activities offered as part of UCA’s outreach offer, please email outreach@uca.ac.uk and we will be happy to support you and answer any questions.