The primary goal of the Extended Senses Group/Laboratory (X10DD) is to share knowledge and develop research from across disciplines within and beyond the university, to collaborate with other institutions using all our professional networks in the UK, Europe, Canada, Australia and the US and to work with other partners in the StoryFutures Creative Clusters, which UCA is a partner.

The vision of the Extended Senses Group/Laboratory (X10DD) research group is to converge UCA arts research specialties – as they converge with the research interests of Professor Camille Baker (as organiser/leader), converging with the interests of the other members:

  • interactive and immersive, performance,
  • wearables and haptic interface development,
  • embodiment, presence and affect;

along with

  • individual, social, and environmental ethics and sustainability;


  • supports the practice and research interests of all, across schools and campuses.


Images from the Institute for the Future © 2015

The X10DD Senses group nurtures new cross-disciplinary projects and research** and brings together researchers, staff and students from Digital Media, Creative Coding, Fashion and Textile Design, Computer Games, Digital Film (and Screen Arts), Acting and Performance, Animation, Architecture, Visual Communication, and more - into one dynamic research group, from inside and outside UCA and the UK.

The aims of the new research group will include:

  • creating novel performance and interactive experience research and works, to benefit art, performance, design, and entertainment,
  • addressing societal issues, for example climate change and sustainability, pandemic impact, diversity issues, data ethics and identity, among many others.
  • nurturing & mentoring digital media/emerging technology research and collaboration across the university in one place;
  • attracting and supporting PhD, Masters’ and staff research in the areas of interest to the group (mine are immersive interfaces, wearables, artefacts and performances, design and industry);
  • running a regular internal symposium for UCA research staff and students;
  • hosting an annual lecture of an international speaker of significance;
  • hosting an international multi-/cross-/trans-disciplinary conference on Extended Senses (ideally within the first year);
  • ensuring that methods of practice and material understanding are placed at the centre of critical debate;
  • facilitating the involvement of artists and academics, both from within and from outside UCA, in order to create international networks;
  • facilitating links internally and externally and develop collaborative relationships with other institutions, networks, galleries and museums, and businesses; and support, develop and submit appropriate funding applications for innovative research.

For more information contact Lead Researcher, Professor Camille Baker

**Members are welcome even if you are not in the Research Career Fields, but interested in making work related to the topics, collaborating with researchers, or moving into the Research Career Field.

Extended Senses and Embodying Technology Symposium 2022

The University for the Creative Arts and the University of Greenwich are working in partnership to host the first Extended Senses & Embodying Technology Symposium. The event will also feature a postgraduate student and early stage artist research workshop and selected artwork will be exhibited at the Stephen Lawrence Gallery in September 2022.