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Shelly Goldsmith Winner of The Vlieseline Fine Art Textiles Award:Locus of the Dress

The Vlieseline Fine Art Textiles Award Overall Winner

Shelly Goldsmith: Locus of the Dress

Judges Comments: The judges agreed that Locus of the Dress is a visually arresting and intelligent artwork rooted in textile history and practice. Its excellence derives from an artistic and considered investigation of ‘the landscape of a dress’ and how this relates to ideas of perception, personal identity and control. A thoughtful and thought-provoking work.

Artist Statement: I’m concerned with exploring the fine veneer of cloth that stands between us & the world, investigating the EXTERNAL & INTERNAL landscape of a dress, its zones of psychogeography, a place we inhabit as home physically & psychologically.
I collaborated with psychologist Dr. Hermina Hernaiz to explore Locus of Control a theory which pinpoints our sense of self, on a spectrum. Pertinent to our times, those with an EXTERNAL Locus feel powerless to life’s events, feeling like things are being done to them. We are all striving for a strong INTERNAL Locus, enabling command, responsibility & autonomy.
Materials: Dispersal dye on reclaimed polyester cloth, reclaimed polyester dress, silk thread, digitally woven tapes
The piece responsibly uses dispersal dye in 3 states to create the images on the cloth; digital printed dye, hand painted & vaporised dye
1. Manual process of pressing reclaimed polyester dress onto printed/dyed paper surface to REMOVE dye before sublimating onto cloth, leaves an almost photographic imprint of the dress behind
2. Cut strip from dress, sew on narrative tape
3. Stitch drawing to printed cloth
4. Juxtapose object & image
Height (cm): 190 Width (cm): 165