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3-4 Nov Fast Forward: Women in Photography – Lithuanian Edition

National Gallery of Art, Vilnius, Lithuania
4 November 2017
Header image:  Domicelė Tarabildienė, Challenge to Time, 1932

Building on the success of the Fast Forward conference at Tate Modern in 2015, co-organised by Tate, University for the Creative Arts (UCA) and Photography along with the Archive Research Centre (PARC) at University for the Arts London, Lithuanian Photographers Association announces the 2nd edition of the Fast Forward conference to take place at the National Gallery of Art in Vilnius. 

Photography has been a political tool as well as a means of artistic expression. Women have used photography in various ways to discuss their rights, their economic and social position, and their representation in culture and society. Through studying women photographers’ lives, celebrating their creative achievements and contribution to international photographic history, we can discover important insights and inspiration for our current situation. The obstacles that women photographers have had to overcome, as they have pursued their work, are relevant across the globe.

One of the foci of this Fast Forward edition is to present, to an international audience new knowledge about the role of women photographers in the cultural, social and political life of the of the Baltic States and former Eastern Bloc countries, which have a rich academic discourse and vibrant artistic culture combining specific national features with particular local experiences and Western ideas. Participating researchers and artists will also discuss work by women photographers from India, Myanmar, Norway and United Kingdom. The topics will range from the emancipatory role of photography in the past to political activism, artistic uses of visual archives and new representations of gender.

The conference in Vilnius is an opportunity to share knowledge and consider our potential relationships and networks and to engage in pertinent debate that will influence new academic discourse and provide further context for the study and practice of photography.

The conference is organised by and with the support of: University for the Creative Arts (UCA), UK
Photography along with the Archive Research Centre (PARC) at University for the Arts London, UK
National Gallery of Arts, Lithuania
Lithuanian Photographers Association, Lithuania
Vitas Luckus Photography Centre, Lithuania
The conference will be run in both Lithuanian and English with simultaneous translation into the other language.
The event is free and open to the public.