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19 - 22 April - InterRelation

InterRelation - an exhibition by Year 1 FT MA Fine Art students from UCA Farnham 
5th Base Gallery, London

Private View Saturday 21st April 6 - 9pm
5th Base Gallery
23 Heneage St
London E1 5LJ

& upcoming symposium, InterRelation on Tues 15th May from 10.00 -1.00pm, W02 at Farnham campus.

This exhibition brings together the work of six multi-cultural artists with distinct fine art practices living, working and studying in Surrey. Each has a story to tell, not as a singular totality, but as an interrelated network. Today, artists are not only crossing geographical borders but are also linking ideas, mediums, cultures and time. A global, contemporary art of diverse origins has now taken place. Despite different cultural backgrounds, each of the artists’ input is inextricably interlaced in this stimulating exhibition that invites to dive into the insights of humankind nature. The Interrelation theme within the exhibition is focused on not blending but transcending cultural differences

Yun Hsin Hsu (aka Vinci) challenges audiences’ perceptions. She suggests people readily take things for granted and are therefore neglectful of other realities. Vinci’s artistic practice aims to awaken our perceptual awareness and invites the viewer to reconnect with and to rediscover many common things from our daily lives. Her slaughter series challenges the viewer’s perception of processed meats and suggests a homogenized cruelty

Kaiqi Guo’s concern with the effect of cosmetic surgery on the mainstream aesthetic is documented through personal narratives and sculptures that interact with the senses; aroma and visual sensations emit from these sculptural forms. People who have undergone facial plastic surgery inspire the series of enigmatic face candles. Her work is a fragile, temporal beauty and through this, audiences are invited to reexamine this social  phenomenon for surgical enhancement.  

Pengcheng Zhang’s priority is the line, as he believes this is the most direct manifestation of the link between everyone, everything, and even every emotion. He suggests that the world in which we live is a large complex network, a web in which all manifestation of life are connected with each other. Everyone in this world is represented by the intersection of any two lines of this web, or the intersection of multiple lines. We are all involved and connected in this network. 

Marija Brown combines figurative baroque painting while using the strategy of pastiche with the techniques of abstract art. She uses the techniques of abstract art in order to deform the figurative body as well as incorporates textile elements on the surface. Her field of interest is Dutch and Flemish Baroque art and she is particularly interested in the effects of lighting (chiaroscuro effect). She combines her figurative-abstract paintings with textile and various other materials that turns them into 3-dimensional objects of art.

Sara Jayne Harris is  with investigating the preservation of memories narrating stories from a semi-autobiographical perspective. She interweaves  family known truths together with embellished truths through archival fine art practice. Her installations combine objects, audio, prints and photography to construct worlds embodying deep emotions. 

Uriya Jurik is a modern-day nomad having travelled and lived in many places around the world. She explores how contemporary nomadism impacts the world and how a local culture could be empowered or deprived by globalization. The complex interaction between global and local is envisioned as a playful juxtaposition of ancient media like felt and bones, used by traditional nomads, with contemporary approaches

For further information, please contact the exhibition team at: interrelationexhibition@gmail.com