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20 April - dodotdash NightWalk

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 a participatory light action with voices, Gravesend, Friday 20th April, 21.30-23.30.
InspiralLondon Festival 2018: Night Walking North Kent
Come and join in! https://bit.ly/2qccsAD

HiLights Northfleet Night Walk: toward Rosherville Pleasure Gardens & back
This unique HiLight performance walk to Northfleet, explores the history and glory days of the Rosherville Pleasure Gardens. Along the way you'll join in the magic lantern show, with artists Mollett and Morris, as they lead us through Rosherville's Pleasures; strolling along by the Thames we'll meet a menagerie of performers, the ghosts of animals and resident attractions, plus the beauty of the gardens - all part of the great Victorian Pleasuredom. With musical accompaniment, lantern performances and conversation; we briefly recreate the lost marvels together as we light up the streets of Gravesham.

The first part of walk (9.15-10.45pm) from Rosherville to Northfleet includes a number of artistic interludes before we descend to Ebbsfleet International where walkers can pick up a train for London.

For the return walk to Gravesend (10.45-12pm) you will be invited to reclaim the night together with a collaborative light action – dotdotdash - orchestrated by artist Birgitta Hosea. Enjoy some welcome Inspiral refreshment and see an other HiLight side of Gravesham by night.

For the walk - you are encouraged to bring along portable lighting, Christmas lights, LEDs etc. to light up the walk as we pass through the echoing gardens of Rosherville and beyond. Remember to wear suitable clothing for the weather conditions and good comfortable walking shoes.

The walk is in 2 parts so that walkers can either return to London via train/take public transport/taxi back to start or continue on the return walk to Gravesend for more night inspiralling.

With Associate Artists: Birgitta Hosea Nicole Mollett, Frog Morris, Sarah Sparkes, Breathing Space Collective Inspiral Menagerie Local Artists.
dotdotdash is a development of research done for: C4 'ILLUMINATING: Live Mark Making Through Projected Light' by Birgitta Hosea in Performance Drawing: New Practices Since the 1960s by Maryclare Foá, Jane Grisewood, Birgitta Hosea and Carali McCall (I B Tauris, 2019)