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We are delighted you are considering joining UCA to study! Here, you will be able to set your creativity free, learn a wealth of transferable skills, get unique industry insight and be prepared for a successful career in the creative industries.

This page should give you all the information you need to know about applying to UCA from your country, and more about life at UCA too.

And, if you have any questions, see the Get In Touch section to call or email your country’s specialist contact.

入读 UCA

英国创意艺术大学(简称 UCA)欢迎中国学生入读预科、本科和研究生课程。平均每年有150名中国学生就读 UCA。


作为欧洲地区最大型的创意艺术专业类大学之一,我校在全球享负盛名。详细了解国际学生为何能凭借 UCA 学历在创意行业取得领先优势。



  • 英国是国际公认学习艺术设计的最佳地点,并且在创意和创新方面处于世界领先地位。
  • 英国是一个多元化的国家,这里的生活充满精彩。英国及其邻近的欧洲城市的艺术、建筑和历史可以给人很大的启发。
  • 在英国,创意行业的扩张速度是本国经济体中其它行业的两倍,这意味着您在求学期间和毕业之后将能获得大量机会。
  • 您可以采用实验及分析方法进行创作,并形成一种思辨性的开放视角。这种思维方式可使我们的学生成为全球范围内个性独特、就业优势突出的毕业生。
Application information


As an international student, your qualifications will not be the same as those we usually require from UK students. Therefore, depending on your home country, our requirements will be different. 

To find out what academic and English language qualifications we need from you, just visit our dedicated equivalent qualifications page and find your home country on the list.

UCA works with a number of overseas representatives who can help you make an application to UCA. 

UCA is pleased to work with a number of education institutions in China.

UCA offers a number of fee discounts, also known as scholarships, specific to students from overseas. These discounts are available to new international students and international alumni, who have graduated within the last three years. 

To find out more about what is available, whether you are eligible, and how to apply, visit our scholarships page.

Get in touch

Our dedicated team in China is here to help!

Simon Lin

Simon Lin

Local Representative (China) 

Phone: +86 (0)1861 178 2164

WeChat ID: 18611782164

Smile Lu 

Smile Lu 

Local Representative (Southern & Central China)

Phone: +86 (0)1505 021 7905

WeChat ID: 15050217905

Rollie Luo 

Rollie Luo

Local Representative (Southwest China) 

Phone: +86 (0)1812 330 9987

WeChat ID: 1139536364

Felicity Fang

Felicity Fang

Local Representative 

Phone: +86 (0)1851 0683 183

WeChat ID: 18510683183

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