Fashion & Textiles

International Summer School


During this course you will explore fashion and textiles concepts and processes, utilising a variety of techniques. Over the course of the three weeks, this will enable you to design and produce a length of printed fabric from which you will make an original garment of your own. When you have styled your unique item, you will then photograph it and prepare it for the final exhibition.

Length of course:

3 weeks

First programme day:

Mon, 23 Jul, 2018

Last programme day:

Fri, 10 Aug, 2018


UCA Farnham

Course cost:


Programme details

All classes will be taught in English

You will be introduced to a range of creative processes and techniques to help you develop ideas based on a given theme.

Combining experimental drawing, playful mark making, line, colour and surface quality, you will explore ideas for one-off textile designs and repeat patterns and colour ways.

At the end of week one you will have created an individual collection of fashion textile paper designs.

From your paper designs, you will be introduced to the screenprinting process. Using a range of images and stencil paper to re-create your design on fabric, you will learn how to transfer your textile design onto silk screens for hand printing. You will use a range of print processes including pigment, reactive and chemical printing.

By the end of week two you will have created a fashion textile design and printed it on fabric.

Using your length of fabric you will create a three-dimensional garment, using a given creative cutting technique. Your tutors will work with you to give you an understanding of how fabric, colour and form work together, and will teach you basic machine skills to enable you to interpret your ideas.

Once your garment is complete, you will consider its final ‘look’ and capture this in a studio photoshoot. The culmination of the course will be an exhibition of your 3D fashion textile garment with a portfolio of supporting work. At the end of the course you will have made, photographed and styled a 3D fashion textile garment.

Please note that you will be in a workshop environment where health and safety regulations must be followed to ensure safe working practice.