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Material Symphysis

Crafts Study Centre and Foyer Gallery

Universities, throughout the world, are keen to celebrate the achievements of their students. Material Symphysis sets out to examine a more constant and less transient aspect to Higher Education establishments, its staff. It is from the staff that styles and schools of thought stem and futures subsequently shaped. Links between the University for the Creative Arts (UCA) and Tokyo University of the Arts (TUA) have been forged as a result of their prominence in the field of crafts

UCA Participants:
Ashley Howard (Ceramics), Magdalene Odundo (Ceramics), Marissa Sweeney-Aris (Ceramics), Debra Allman (Jewellery), Lina Peterson (Jewellery), Rebecca Skeels (Jewellery), Colin Webster (Glass), Ed Byrne (Glass), Lesley Millar (Textiles), Diana Harrison (Textiles), Mark Gray (Metals), Grant McCaig (Metals), Sharon Ting (Textiles), Emma Rawson (Glass) 

TUA Participants:
Risa Ohgi (Ceramics), Taku Higuchi (Ceramics), Hiroshi Kaito (Glass), Yohei Chimura (Glass), Kengo Takahashi (Metal-casting), Satoshi Mizushiro (Metal-carving), Akira Kusano (Metal-carving), Mizuto Miyazaki (Blacksmithing), Aki Nakajima (Blacksmithing), Kodo Aoki (Urushi-lacquer), Shinpei Matsuzaki (Urushi-lacquer), Keiya Hashimoto (Textiles), Miho Katsuragawa (Textiles), Hitomi Usui (Wood), Mizuru Takizawa (Wood)

Opening Reception:
Saturday 12 March 2016
12pm - 3pm

Material Symphysis: Symposium

This symposium sets out to celebrate our major international exhibition and developing educational links. It also aims to examine how material experience in the study of crafts is taught within two culturally contrasting institutions, University for the Creative Arts (UCA), UK and Tokyo University of the Arts (TUA), Japan. How do these institutions compare and contrast in their teaching practices? What ideas and methods do they share and what practices makes each distinct? It is these questions and many others, which are to be explored in this one day symposium.

Crafts Study Centre and Foyer Gallery 

UCA Farnham
Friday 15 April 2016

9:15am at Crafts Study Centre

10am – 4pm

4pm – 6pm


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