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Private / Public

Opening reception: Tuesday 26 April, 5-8pm

All welcome

An exhibition curated by 3rd year Photography student Amber Sherlock.

My previous works have provided a vehicle to investigate voyeuristic fascination with the sex industry and activities often shrouded in secrecy. I wrote a call for submissions through various social networking sites asking for photographic works dealing with notions of privacy and intimate moments.
These works refer to the private and public self and have been submitted by participants from all over Europe including Finland, Latvia and France, by artists of a wide range of experience and demographic.
Each submission provokes the audience to question the nature of privacy and how we prescribe boundaries between public and private space. The assembled works recognize the blurring of public and private interactions. The act of exchanging photographs of the seemingly private into a public display seeks to provide a liberating experience for the artist; each relinquishing control over their own private moments.

Claire McDougall 
Agnes Tanuki 
Ernielson Limbo 
Jenni Holma 
Grace Madeleine Slater 
Laima Vainina

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