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A Modest Manifesto


A museum is not just a repository for the collection and classification of things amongst other things it is a place of investigation and knowledge generation. 

This exhibition displays the work of Interior Architecture and Design Stage 3 students, based at the Canterbury School of Architecture. Inspired by Orhan Pamuk’s Museum of Innocence, the students constructed a narrative that oscillated between fiction, fact and on occasion nonsense, to inform the repurposing of their original cabinets. 

Each cabinet also expands upon a proposed dialogue between various authors; Franz Kafka, George Perec, Flan O’Brien, Gertrude Stein, Ray Bradbury, Lewis Carol, Fernado Pessoa, Jorge Luis Borges, Paul Auster, Kurahashi Yumiko, Edwin Abbot, Akiko Busch, H.G Wells and Chris Ware. The repurposed cabinets explore concepts of; Installation / Intervention / Insertion. This encouraged the students to develop their own spatial narrative, which in turn will inform their response to the development of a ‘museum’ in Folkestone.

Alongside the cabinets are a series of speculative drawings, as well as a series of films, which bring the cabinets to life.

A Modest Manifesto art Installation


A Modest Manifesto art installation


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