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Pulling The Wool from Your Eyes

17 October – 15 November 2019
Private View: Friday 18 October 4-7pm
Zandra Rhodes Gallery, UCA Rochester, Fort Pitt, Rochester ME1 1DZ

During the beginning of the pre-degree programme, all students rotate through a series of pathway/disciplinary projects in order to decide their future area of study - this exhibition represents the accumulation of over 150 works produced as students experienced the area of Fine Art.

Beginning with a reading of John Berger’s 1972 book “Ways of Seeing”, students then experimented with drawing, painting and sculpture to explore how we look, see, encounter and absorb visual information to construct meaning. How do we understand what we see? What impact does the ‘way we see’ affect our perception and construct us philosophically, ethically and emotionally? Do we see the world through rose tinted spectacles or with the wool pulled over our eyes? Is it the role of the artist to change that viewpoint in order to reveal the ‘truth’... and is that even possible? 

Over 40 years since Berger’s text and in the context of a contemporary culture that continually bombards us with images and information, these questions seem more relevant than ever for artists.  The exhibition takes on the form of a ‘demonstration’ of how, as artists, we can challenge and change the way we see both ourselves and objects. 

Images of students taking their work and ‘demonstrating’ in public around Rochester can be seen on the associated Instagram feed :


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