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Open Call Opportunity // Out of Isolation

For all students, graduates and members of staff at UCA Canterbury, Epsom, Farnham and Rochester. 


Since the end of March this year, we have all been forced to live our lives differently. We haven’t had the freedom to go where we like, to see who we like and to use the resources and spaces that are usually available to us. We have all had to adapt to living a more limited lifestyle and to be resourceful with our time, space and materials in our homes. This has led to a unique and vital period of reflection; on our own lives, on others’ lives and the world we are currently living in. 

The enforced lockdown has changed the way we create. We have been challenged to adapt the ways we make and have produced new and innovative artworks that directly respond to our isolated circumstances. Creating a record of the different experiences of these unprecedented times.  

From the 14th September, we will be exhibiting the artwork that has been produced behind closed doors during lockdown. It will be an intimate insight into how we all have reacted in our own, individual ways, during these challenging times.  

The works will be selected through a submissions process. To apply for your work to be shown please send us the following details:

- Full name
- Course
- Year / Year of graduation 
- Campus
- Title, medium and scale of work
- Up to 3 images of work
- A short description of the submitted artwork and how it relates to the ‘Out of Isolation’ brief 

Please send this information to gallerieskent@uca.ac.uk if you are a Kent based graduate, student or member of staff or to ucasurreygalleries@uca.ac.uk if you are a Surrey based graduate, student or member of staff. 

Where possible digital work should be submitted online and any printing or display equipment will be arranged by the gallery team. If the work needs to be delivered, drop off times will be allocated on the following dates: 

Canterbury: 2nd & 3rd September 
Epsom: 3rd September  
Farnham: 1st & 2nd September 
Rochester: 4th September 

The exhibition is subject to the completion and approval of UCA risk assessments. 
Gallery spaces will be allocated following the selection process.  
The exhibition will be open to internal UCA staff and students only.  

We look forward to receiving your submissions!