Symbol ’22 Symposium

The Symbol Group’s inaugural online symposium will examine the 50th anniversary of industrial designer Henry Dreyfuss’ discipline-defining Symbol Sourcebook, to reveal the legacy underpinning our current fascination with emojis, icons and symbols and explore new symbol applications.

Day 1

We examine the importance of symbols using Dreyfuss' book as a starting point considering themes of:

  • Internationalism

  • Datavisualisation

  • Universal language

  • Symbol design history

  • The influence of technology

Day 2

We focus on symbols in contemporary practice including:

  • Social media (emojis and stickers)

  • Inclusivity

  • Sustainability and diversity

  • Critical applications (emergencies/disasters)

  • Symbol language experiments

Keynote speakers

  • Prof. Keith Bresnahan

  • Prof. Elizabeth Guffrey

  • Prof Hisayasu Ihara

  • Karel van der Waarde

  • Jennifer Lee

  • Ellen Lupton

  • Steven Heller

  • Nigel Holmes


will be published in November 2022 on


We are able to offer 50% discount to UCA students (making it £25) if you use code TSG50.



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