Creative AI
Research Conference 2023

Join us for the Creative AI Research Conference 2023, where experts and enthusiasts will explore the latest developments in Creative AI

Event details

creative ai

The free online conference on Creative Technologies invites participants from various fields to explore and discuss the latest research and advancements in the intersection of creativity and technology.

The conference covers a wide range of topics, including:

  • Creative AI
  • Digital Twins
  • Generative Models for Artistic Creation
  • User Experience in Creative AI
  • Explainable AI for Creative Systems
  • Ethical Considerations in Creative AI
  • Creative AI in Virtual and Augmented Reality
  • Computational Models of Creativity
  • Deep Learning Techniques for Creative AI
  • Interactive and Collaborative Creative AI Systems
  • Creative Technologies, HCI
  • Data Visualization and Information Design
  • Creative Robotics and Embodied Technology
  • Internet of Things (IoT) & Creative Smart Environments
  • and more


To present your paper, submissions are welcome in all categories:

  • Posters (1-page)
  • Abstracts (up to 2 pages)
  • Short Paper (4pages)
  • Full Paper (up to 8-pages)

Submissions can be made using ACM Word, Latex or Overleaf template. Your submissions can be sent via email to the Conference Chair

Participants have the opportunity to submit their work in various categories, including Posters, Abstracts, Short Papers, and Full Papers. All accepted research will be published in the conference proceedings, which will be available as Open Access. The conference also welcomes proposals for special sessions, workshops, and tracks on specific topics of interest.

About the conference

The conference features renowned keynote speakers who will deliver insightful talks on topics such as creativity, AI, sustainability, digital twins, blockchain, and machine learning. These keynote sessions provide valuable perspectives on the current landscape and future directions of creative technology.

The conference is organized by Joint Research Labs in Creative AI, including the University for the Creative Arts, Bournemouth University, Cardiff Metropolitan University, and Pontificia University Javeriana. The conference chair, Professor Edmond Prakash, along with co-chairs Prof. Daming Shi and Mr. Abdulrahman Kerim, ensure a diverse and engaging program.

The conference spans five days, with each day featuring multiple sessions chaired by experts in their respective fields. Participants will have the opportunity to attend presentations on a variety of topics, ranging from agricultural data visualization to digital twins and 3D printing, from machine learning without coding to ethical and social implications of creative technology.


Registration for the conference is free, and attendees are encouraged to send their name and email address to the conference chair to secure their spot.

Whether you are a researcher, practitioner, or enthusiast interested in the convergence of creativity and technology, this online conference provides a platform for knowledge exchange, collaboration, and exploration of the latest trends and developments in Creative Technologies.

Programme and speakers

Special sessions

  • The Next Generation and Creative AI
    Chair: Ms. Jade McSorley, UCA
  • Digital Twins and Blockchain 
    Chair: Dr. Imtiaz Khan, CardiffMet
  • Digital Twins and 3D Printing
    Chair: Dr. Sarah Dashti
  • Art, Technology & Landscape i Crisis
    Chair: Dr. Jeremiah Ambrose, UCA
  • Deep learning techniques for creative AI 
    Chair: Prof. Daming Shi, UCA
  • Synthetic Data and the Future of ML 
    Chair: Mr. Abdulrahman Kerim
  • Data Privacy Training for Creative Professionals 
    Chair: Mr. Vinden Wylde
  • AI Revolutionizing Creative Technology
    Chair: Prof. Xingce Wang, Beijing Normal University
  • Cyber-security challenges in Creative Industries
    Chair: Dr. Elo Ukwandu, CardiffMet
  • Creative Coding and Computational Art – HandsOn
    Chair: Dr. Fiona Carroll, CardiffMet
  • Machine Learning without Coding
    Chair: Dr. Ambikesh Jayal, Canberra
  • Generative models & computational creativity 
    Chair: Prof. Simant Prakoonwit, Bournemouth
  • The World Behind the Screen
    Chair: Prof. Martin Charter, UCA
  • Serious Applications in Creative Technology
    Chair: Prof. Andres Newball, Javeriana
  • Creative AI for Customer Engagement and Business Automation
    Chair: Dr. Harry Yu, DerbyU